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MindStir Media Review: The Best Self Publishing Website [2022]

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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When creating and publishing a book, it is important that you have trustworthy and capable companies on your side. You should look to hire a company that is passionate about seeing you succeed and can deliver on their promises to help your book reach its full potential. MindStir Media is one of the top self publishing companies due to the reputation they have for creating best sellers. The hybrid company combines self publishing with the necessary traditional publishing methods needed to deliver your book to an audience successfully.

Founded by renowned author J.J. Hebert, MindStir Media is a self publishing website with thousands upon thousands of success stories. They truly care about their authors and hope to provide them with actionable guidance for creating best selling books in every genre. They have a range of packages on offer so that authors can customize their publishing experience to their liking. Some of the services you can expect to get from working with MindStir Media include mentoring from a bestselling author, custom book design, editing, printing, distribution, marketing and PR, and more. They can also provide ghostwriting services for your book if needed.

The way that a book is marketed is absolutely crucial to its success. MindStir Media are known for creating Amazon Best Sellers through social media campaigns, press releases on major new sites, and much more. While their use of traditional publishing methods is obviously a huge part of their success, perhaps the most appealing aspect to authors is the ability for them to retain control over their story. MindStir Media works closely with each author to ensure that they meet their unique needs. Authors can also retain up to 100% of the royalties and full creative control when working with this self publishing company.

At MindStir Media, they know that there are countless customers out there waiting to read your story. They strive to market it to the best of their ability while maintaining integrity and keeping author’s wishes at the forefront. The care that they show stems from J.J. Hebert’s own experience as an author and his understanding of what authors are looking for in the modern day when it comes to publishing. Having already taken the world by storm in 2021 and in previous years, MindStir Media continues to innovate and present new solutions to authors. They are one of the best self publishing websites to visit in 2022 and beyond.

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