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Mohammed Fouad Al Jamal’s Journey to Revolutionizing Healthcare Access with MedQuick

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Eng. Mohammed Fouad Al Jamal, known for his expertise in construction and hospitality, is venturing into the healthcare industry with the launch of MedQuick, a revolutionary telemedicine and telehealth application. Al Jamal’s diverse background and entrepreneurial spirit have culminated in the creation of a platform aimed at transforming healthcare accessibility and delivery in the Middle East.

Mohammed Fouad Al Jamal’s career spans across construction, hospitality, and now, healthcare. His journey began in the construction industry, where he honed his skills in project management, precision, and timely execution. “In construction, every detail matters, and delays can be costly. This emphasis on reliability and efficiency has deeply influenced my approach to MedQuick,” Al Jamal shares.

Transitioning to the hospitality sector, Al Jamal gained a keen understanding of customer service and user experience. “Hospitality is all about creating seamless and enjoyable experiences for guests. This principle is central to MedQuick’s design, ensuring that users find it intuitive and accessible,” he explains.

The idea for MedQuick emerged from Al Jamal’s personal experiences with healthcare. “Balancing a demanding career and personal health needs made me realize the gaps in our healthcare system, especially in terms of accessibility and convenience,” he recalls. This realization fueled his determination to develop a solution that would bridge these gaps and provide efficient healthcare access to all.

MedQuick offers a range of innovative features that set it apart from existing telemedicine applications. The platform provides on-demand virtual consultations with highly qualified physicians, allowing users to receive immediate medical advice and treatment. This is particularly beneficial in areas where healthcare access is limited or delayed.


One of the standout features of MedQuick is its integration with local pharmacies, enabling same-day medication delivery. This seamless connection between consultation and treatment ensures that patients receive timely care without the need for multiple appointments or visits.

The user-friendly interface of MedQuick allows patients to easily schedule appointments, manage their health records, and receive notifications. Additionally, the platform prioritizes data security and patient privacy, adhering to international standards and regulations.

MedQuick is set to launch initially in Jordan, followed by the UAE and Egypt. These countries were chosen for their unique healthcare landscapes and strategic importance. Jordan, with its well-established healthcare system, serves as an ideal testing ground. The UAE’s advanced digital infrastructure and tech-savvy population make it a perfect environment for innovative solutions. Egypt, with its large population and significant healthcare needs, offers a substantial opportunity for impact.

Launching a telehealth platform comes with its set of challenges, including technological integration, user adoption, and regulatory compliance. To address these challenges, Al Jamal has partnered with YamaTech, a leading technology provider, to ensure a robust and scalable platform. Comprehensive marketing and educational campaigns are being deployed to raise awareness about the benefits of telemedicine and encourage user adoption.

Regulatory compliance is another critical area. “We are working closely with regulatory bodies in each target country to ensure that MedQuick operates within the legal framework and maintains the highest levels of patient safety and data security,” Al Jamal states.

Looking ahead, Al Jamal envisions MedQuick as a global leader in telemedicine and telehealth services. The long-term goal is to expand beyond the Middle East into Europe, Africa, and other regions with a high demand for accessible healthcare solutions. “We will continue to innovate and enhance our platform, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of our users,” he adds.

Strategic partnerships with healthcare providers, technology companies, and regulatory bodies will be crucial in sustaining MedQuick’s growth. Additionally, the platform aims to diversify its services, offering specialized telehealth solutions for various medical fields, thereby broadening its impact and reach in the global healthcare landscape.

Mohammed Fouad Al Jamal’s transition from construction and hospitality to healthcare is a testament to his visionary approach and entrepreneurial spirit. By leveraging his diverse experience and integrating cutting-edge technology, Al Jamal is positioning MedQuick to revolutionize healthcare accessibility and quality of care. As MedQuick prepares for its launch, the healthcare landscape in the Middle East is set to undergo a significant transformation, benefitting countless individuals across the region and beyond.


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