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Ninjai: The Little Ninja – A Nostalgic Resurgence

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Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox
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Everything old is new once again – in the age of remakes and nostalgia-dripping media options there is something to be said about the stories like that of Ninjai – The Little Ninja, that keep finding relevance in a sea of competition. The playing out of heroes and villains have manifested across time and culture, and in recent years there has been a strange magnetism towards the mysticism and stoicism of ancient cultures.

Intrinsically Human

The popularity of ninja movies can be attributed to the foundational and inherent themes that comprise the genre, the mystical and respected warriors of Japan have been the subject of much intrigue and contemplation, mostly because, there are too few like them. Within the fact and fiction that comprise them there rests a fundamental collation of intrinsically human elements – with stories of honour, family, truth, morality, violence, and belief.

These essential human characteristics and stories are not only explored in great detail within the Ninjai web series, but across the whole sub-genre of eastern influenced cinema. There is perhaps no greater example for this appearing in modern culture than with the story of Ninjai – The Little Ninja.

The initial trailers of the flash animation series was well received, garnering praise from fans of animation, as well receiving acclaim from a wide variety of prolific sites like Neotakus, calling it the ‘Greatest of All Time’.

Ninjai – The Little Ninja

So, where is this resurgence coming from? What is fueling the rumblings across the internet community and fanbase of a potential return to form?

It’s a classic tale through and through, following an innocent but skilled solitary protagonist as he navigates the treacherous landscapes of his world with his companion Little Bird. The serene and contemplative pace and picturesque animation style is juxtaposed with moments of unbridled and visceral violence – a classic staple of ninja movies and one that is played to perfection in the series.

It is through this dichotomy that we, the audience, feel a part of the journey and grey choices that the protagonist has to make. It can be easily determined that we, as a species, cannot turn away from an authentic and morally ambiguous tale of exploring what it is to Be. While Ninjai has not seen any updates for some time, the demand from fans seems to have struck a chord with the episodes coming soon on streaming platforms according to the Unofficial Ninjai YouTube Channel.

This update has unleashed a tidal wave of rumour and anticipation for the news of a potential continuation or remake of the beloved tale. It is certainly something we are keeping our eye on, and our katana sharpened for.

Keep an eye on the Unofficial Ninjai Twitter & Website along with us as we eagerly await the release.

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