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Photographer’s Latest Star, Luz Palokaj, to Go to Hollywood

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is often so misused and inauthentic that it’s cliché, but for Luz Palokaj, it’s a lifestyle, and it has fueled his dreams to go from seeking refuge to being one of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Luz Palokaj was born in Kosovo in 1993. His homeland was in shambles as southeastern Europe faced an onslaught of problems between ethnic groups, and the fate of the region was uncertain. Shortly later, Luz was moved to the heart of Switzerland in Lucerne to give him a better chance at life.

Initially, the move proved to be extremely difficult for Luz. Switzerland was culturally very different than his homeland, and culture shock was a major concern. However, it also led him to finding the passion that would spark a lifelong career and catapult him to the top of an industry.

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Luz became infatuated with finding solace in his family’s old photo albums. He could look at the preserved moments and sense the emotions, historical significance, and of course, personal stories told in his family’s albums. They were more than just still images.

This led Luz Palokaj to capturing his own moments. Whether they be mundane happenings within his day-to-day life, or oddities and beauties he found throughout Lucerne, Luz approached them with the same method; he wanted them to tell a story.

This helped craft Luz’s trademark photography style. Rather than simply taking a still image and trying to get the most beautiful shot possible, he focuses on capturing the truth behind the image and telling a story with it. Each subject in every image he takes is carefully captured to create a storyline that engages the brain and triggers the imagination to the point that the story doesn’t stop past that frame; it carries on in the viewer’s mind.

This unique approach in the hobbyist field, along with Luz’s passion to focus on photography full-time, led to him becoming a self-employed professional photographer. Over the years, Luz has built a tremendous reputation across Lucerne, and now, he’s gaining global recognition for his skills in the photography community.

For many, reaching the peak of an industry at home would be enough, but Luz’s story is about more than just taking pictures. It’s about dreams, motivation, and the human spirit. He’s not settling for becoming a household name in the photography community; he’s taking his talents to the wild world of Hollywood.

Unlike many, Luz Palokaj brings with him a unique perspective of the world that has shaped his passion for photography. His journey from being a humble Kosovo citizen at risk in his community, to Lucerne and the opportunities and struggles that awaited him there, and then to the top of the photography field, has instilled in him a level of authenticity and focus rarely matched. Luz aims to bring his authentic storytelling methods to Hollywood and create meaningful ripples in the industry that have a global impact, and if his story thus far is any indicator, he’s likely to succeed.

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