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Pioneer Of The Digital Revolution Nick Lorizio On Post-Pandemic Digital Expansion

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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The pandemic certainly changed the way we see a lot of the world, this is perhaps exemplified best from author and digital specialist Nick Lorizio whose book Digitalization: The New Normal Of A Post-Pandemic World explores the changing landscape. The requirement for studiousness and for keeping ahead of the curve is an essential trait for navigating and surviving the post-covid life. This is true with communications, automation, and especially in the realm of asset management and financial planning and possession.

Nick Lorizio

The book explores a majority of these newfound concepts that may have existed pre-COVID but have now become accelerated into our daily lives thanks to the pandemic and its role in the resulting shift in the status quo. Breaking down technological and digital concepts such as Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, electric vehicles, and a whole manner of major and minor digital tools and concepts.

The need to have an understanding and consistent refresher in the way the world is changing is the only way forward. With Nick Lorizio’s seminal novel, the education is made accessible and comprehensive. As the son of Microsoft VP of North America Sales Keith Lorizio, Nick has a long-standing history with the tech world.

COVID-19 & The Digital Print

Throughout the lockdowns and subsequent opening around the world, there was a certain type of strain that befell everyone in some form or another. Suddenly, the digital realm (while already popular) became necessary, it became more than just a tool. Technologies and innovative tools were the focus, and with such a dramatic and quickened shift, there were some issues that arose as a result.

Nick Lorizio

Nick Lorizio is all about relevance and educating those who are interested in the prevailing changes in the technology sector of society. It seems that his familial education and dedicated focus on the digital landscape is turning the right heads, with pundits in the banking and finance industry calling upon his expertise to assist with driving change.

When he’s not working in the digital space or founding IT & Cybersecurity companies, Nick encompasses the utility of an active lifestyle with success. Whether its skiing slopes with friends, or climbing one of the 48 tallest mountains in the Northeast – Nick attributes a great deal of his success to balanced and healthy lifestyles outside of the screen.

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