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Princeton Epps Reveals Secrets Behind Getting His First Million in the Trucking Business

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Ian Feldman
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Entrepreneur and author Princeton Epps has revealed his latest insights for business growth and development in the trucking, freight brokering and dispatching industries.

Having successfully launched his own trucking business, “Epps Freight,” the entrepreneur has been helping emerging talent learn the secrets to success so that they can get their start-ups off the ground.

A former high school dropout, Princeton Epps is a self-made entrepreneur who started his journey from the ground up to build his own business. Originally from Milwaukee, Epps has become a well-known community advocate in the city, having forged strong partnerships with local businesses and being one of the leading proponents of youth initiatives to stop violence.

Princeton Epps reveals secrets behind getting his first million in the trucking business

In his latest book, “A-Z GUIDE TO MAKING YOUR FIRST MILLION BY STARTING A TRUCKING, BROKERING, and DISPATCH BUSINESS,” Princeton Epps goes in-depth on each of the industry’s three niches, and provides actionable steps for new business builders to start earning.

Having overcome the difficulties of starting a business with no financial backing, Epps’ book highlights how people don’t need to make large investments within the trucking industry to get their trucking operation into motion.

As with any new industry, it takes more than just a knowledge of the business to become successful. For Epps, the right mindset and attitude has also played a part in helping him get to where he needs to be. The entrepreneur has also shared this message to young adults who are often looking for guidance and are not sure where their passion lies, or what they are capable of doing. The aim is to inspire the next generation of leaders to think big and to take bold moves so that they can get their finances in order.

Epps Freight now serves clients across the region, and has over 20 semi trucks at its disposal. For new entrepreneurs looking to discover the trucking business, they can explore the teachings of Princeton Epps and start making an impact.

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