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Entering the Dance Scene, Young Producer Nixon Music Hits over 500,000 streams

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Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox
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Young Producer, Charlie Anselm who goes under Nixon Music is a 13-year-old British Music Producer who makes feel-good tunes recently hit 500,000 Streams on his latest musical creation ‘With You’

Inspired by the likes of Avicii and Kygo, his summer tunes have quickly become the drive to creating a small fan-base. Collaborating with fresh and new emerging pop artists, his passion for showcasing up and coming talent creates a unique and innovative producer himself.

Dedicated to connecting with an audience, his talent for performance and commitment to entertainment has secured him a promising future in the music industry.

He got his first production software when he was just 10 and from then on, you would always find him behind his laptop trying to further develop his skills and find his own unique sound.

In 2020-2021, he released 4 singles which all have achieved success and have started to earn him the reputation as a young musical artist to watch. ‘With You’, his biggest single by far came when he followed a course by the DJ himself – Kygo. He found a demo on the course’s website, and it immediately sparked inspiration for what the record is today. His talented for blending pop and dance music is helping him connect with a wide audience and Nixon Music promises that there is much more music to come in the near future.

From a recent interview Nixon has said ‘When I am older, I’d like to make a small difference in this world and at some point hope I can inspire others try do the same.”

In a highly competitive industry, Nixon Music has had an impressively fast rise to success. His love for performance drives what he does and his pure talent, despite his young age, he promises that he is not slowing down any time soon. Nixon Music is a breakout musical artist that you must keep your eye on as a fan of irresistible dance pop.

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