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Professional Athlete’s Aleksandr Pritsker Unexpected Career Shift Generates Massive Success

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Have you ever felt the urge to change your career path completely, but felt afraid that you might not succeed? You aren’t alone. A recent survey found that within the past year, 52% of employed Americans have considered changing careers. However, making the jump can often be intimidating, especially if you plan on shifting to an industry that is new territory. Even if you are wanting change to a new career that you feel deeply passionate about, it can feel daunting when trying to muster up the courage to take the leap.

Aleksandr Pritsker was a talented professional tennis player when he decided he wanted to leave his career as an athlete to become a real estate agent. Within four years, Pritsker was able to build a real estate empire from the ground up, founding an award-winning full-service real estate agency called Team Blackstar. Pritsker has achieved over $400 million in sales since he shifted to his new career path and has been recognized for his remarkable entrepreneurial abilities.

Pritsker’s fast track to success was made possible by his positive mindset and willingness to network. “When I first decided to change careers, I knew I had to start making connections within the real estate agency if I wanted to succeed. I began to make a name for myself once I built a good reputation amongst my clients,” shared Pritsker. “The word spread throughout the community and social media, and within a few years, I was named one of the most effective real estate agents in my region.”

Finding success when changing careers is possible with the right approach. Without a positive attitude, clear goals, and a networking strategy, it can be difficult to gain traction within a new industry. Using these tools, it is possible to thrive on a new career path once you decide to take charge and go for it. It can be intimidating to take that first step, but if you are choosing a career that you are passionate about, then finding the drive is much easier.

Pritsker’s story goes to show that with determination and a solid game plan, any career shift is possible. “Although I will always have a love for tennis and was praised for my athletic abilities, deep down, I was always fascinated with the real estate industry. Deciding to pursue my dreams of becoming a real estate agent had changed my life,” said Pritsker. If Pritsker had never decided to take that leap and leave his life as a professional athlete to try something new, he would have never reached the immense success he has today.

Pritsker continues to excel as the CEO for Team Blackstar. Currently, the real estate agency provides services to Florida and New Jersey. By adopting Pritsker’s attitude about being fully committed to clients, Team Blackstar has made a name for themselves as one of the most highly rated real estate agencies in their region.

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