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Pumpcoinbets: Promoted NFT Project to Get More Whitelist Sponsors and Partnered with Spywolf Crypto Security Agency

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George Soto
George Soto
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Pumpcoinbets has recently promoted an NFT project to help it get more whitelist sponsors and promoters. Operated as a Telegram and Twitter account, this channel shares news, facts, and reviews about different crypto projects and helps the general audience gain useful insights. The group has also partnered up with Spywolf Crypto Security Agency to work on authentic and verified projects.

Kiattichai Rakkong, also known as Pumpcoinbets, is the person behind operating the Telegram and Twitter accounts for sharing crypto news, reviews, and promotion with the community. Kiattichai started the Telegram channel simultaneously with the origins of the Binance Smart Chain.

Pumpcoinbets has shared giveaways on the Twitter handle and recently, the group has awarded one of the largest giveaway prize amounts of $40,000 worth of BTC.

Pumpcoinbets  | Working Together for the Community

Kiattichai Rakkong has built a team of crypto enthusiasts running a serious crypto investor group to further support the new and established projects. The group runs AMA (Ask Me Anything) campaigns to interview the projects and share their reviews with the people.

These AMAs are led by Kiattichai and Peter who aim to bring various opportunities. The group has an international reach and the AMAs are shared on the Twitter and Telegram channels.

Pumpcoinbets has more than 550,000 Telegram members and almost 360,000 Twitter followers. Every project Pumpcoinbets talks about gets high visibility and attention because of the reach of Pumpcoinbets.

Comprehensive Project Information on Channels

Pumpcoinbets shows a wide variety of content on the platforms meant for the followers and members. They share project reviews, AMA sessions, whitelists, giveaway information, talks about new projects, and more precise information about the established projects.

They also share news and insights on the latest happenings with existing projects. Things like the impact of lowering the tax or increase in the gas fees, etc., are reviewed, analyzed, and shared by the Pumpcoinbets team to help people better understand market movements.

To Sum Up

Pumpcoinbets is run by Kiattichai Rakkong and a team of people who understand the crypto world and aim to share news, information, and insights with the people. The group of crypto enthusiasts conduct live AMAs, review the projects, and know the pulse of the crypto industry. They analyze and verify the information only to share it with the people on their Twitter and Telegram channel. They also talk about giveaways, rewards, and whitelists of different projects to help the latter gain higher attention and popularity.

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Kiattichai Rakkong

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