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Out Of Service? Purcell will get you back on the road fast!

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Owner-operators and small fleet owners choose Purcell to complete their companies USDOT
compliance requirements when they have been put Out-Of-Service.

Our competent and proficient team at Purcell Compliance Services are renowned for their potential and accomplishments in helping trucking companies grow their business to new heights. The skills that they demonstrate are essential for managers that do not necessarily know how to expertly navigate the administrative side of operations.

While these processes can be time consuming and complex, they are also indispensable for the success of your business, which is why Purcell Compliance Services is such an important partner to have.

What does Purcell Do?

We know exactly what our customers need to maintain FMCSA and DOT compliance. Have confidence knowing that you are in full compliance with Purcell US Compliance Services.

The services offered at Purcell include:

  • Department of Transport (DOT) driver management and monitoring
  • DOT clearinghouse management
  • Driver recruitment
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration compliance
  • Safety
  • Accountability (CSA) score management
  • Out of Service Status

and much more. Essentially, the company is equipped to handle any of the required checks and balances that your trucking company needs to operate safely and in a way that is up to US national standards.

Why Choose Us?

Having your company be put out-of-service can be a real challenge for truck drivers. This status means that you are prohibited from driving a commercial vehicle which is detrimental to your business. On top of this, it also means that the vehicle cannot be removed from the road until your company is put back in service.

A driver may receive an out-of-service status if they have violated the safety conditions outlined by the Secretary of Transportation. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration uses what is known as a CSA score to keep track of drivers and any hazardous behavior that they may commit.

The FMSCA can issue an out of service status once they have considered this score and carried out a thorough investigation. A Notice of Violation will be issued and it is up to the company to take action and rectify the issues identified.

We are Always Here For YOU

We provide Safety On-Demand, Purcell is one of the best companies available to fulfill the requirements necessary and get drivers back on the road fast.


To lift your out-of-service status, you need to request that the operating authority reinstates the driver and vehicle. This can be a complex and can cause a lot of stress on a company.


These requirements can be difficult for drivers to navigate, but fortunately, it is what Purcell does and comprehensively so that you can stop losing money and get back out its on the road promptly.

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