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Questions To Ask a Wedding Photographer

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Preparing for a wedding on behalf of a couple can incite a great range of emotions.

From excitement and enthusiasm to stress and panic, organizing the logistics of the big day is a facet that could complicate matters if there are unknown quantities that are at play.

When speaking with the best wedding photographer Sydney during a consultation, there will be a number of queries and questions swirling around that must be addressed.

Ideally this will be a professional that has been personally recommended and arriving with a great range of credentials from their past history.

If you are happy with the selection but still want to arrest some doubts, then it is worthwhile asking them the pertinent questions that matter to you.


Have You Taken Photos At Our Venue Previously?

The nature of the venue is fundamental to the project that will be undertaken by a wedding photographer in Sydney. If they have worked on location before, they will have the inside track on best location spots for morning, afternoon or evening photo shoots. They will understand the parking situation and where the bride and groom will prepare. If they have not been to the location before, then it should be  noted by the professional that they will scope out the venue and do their own research.


What Is Your Preferred Photography Style?

The style of the wedding photographer in Sydney is something that should have attracted you to their service in the first place. Yet it is important to push on this point, because you might prefer an old, traditional and rustic aesthetic on the photos, or a new, modern and fresh style that will be easily transferable to digital platforms. Check this point off with clarity to ensure that you are accessing a style that fits your tastes.

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Will There Be Additional Costs?

Having a comprehensive quote that covers each and every feature of the service is paramount for a couple who are closely monitoring their budget. A wedding photographer in Sydney should be transparent about this and have an agreement in writing that stipulates what costs are involved. It could also pertain to a limitation on any additional costs, if any at all.


What Will Happen During an Emergency Scenario?

Having an experienced hand available during the day can be important when an “emergency” of sorts arises. This could be a dress mishap, wet weather, an illness or something else going array that was not predicted beforehand. A certified wedding photographer in Sydney will need to have contingencies in place should an event out of the ordinary comes to pass.


How Will You Deliver The Final Product?

It is vital that a couple understands how their wedding photographer in Sydney will be able to produce the final product. They will have a portfolio of examples on show and a range of packages that illustrates the images in portraits and on digital formats. There will be a matter of time, as these offerings usually take a number of weeks or even months to come to fruition.


What Information Do You Require From Us Beforehand?

The final aspect that should be addressed is not for you, but for the wedding photographer in Sydney. By being selfless and empowering the professional to ask their own questions, you will enable them to carry out a more effective procedure on the day. They might ask about times to shoot, locations to shoot, lighting concerns, issues around indoor or outdoor vicinities, experience with events and anything else that they would like to ask. The more information the photographer or their team has leading into the wedding, the better positioned they will be to execute the task.



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