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Raffaele Riva Taps His Years of Experience in International Finance to Serve Others

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Raffaele Riva is a man who never stops learning, despite his long-time record of success in the financial services industry. His career began shortly after he earned an economics degree with honors from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in 1987. He studied numerous financial topics as an undergraduate, including accounting, acquisitions, banking law, bankruptcy law, business law, corporate finance, and mergers.

Throughout his career as a high-level financial services employee and entrepreneur, Riva has returned to the formal education setting many times. He became a qualified accountant in Italy in 1989 and completed several post-graduate business courses in the years that followed. Many of the topics he studied as a post-graduate involved international taxation.

Launch of a Successful Career

Riva created several start-up businesses between the time he graduated from college until 1998. He tapped into his vast experience handling logistical matters on an international scale to create each of the successful companies. Besides serving as the CEO of his start-ups, Raffaele Riva was a board member for subsidiaries located in Canada, Central America, Europe, South Africa, and South America.

While he was busy launching new businesses, Riva accepted his first position in the financial services industry with Price Waterhouse, now known as PricewaterhouseCoopers. He served as an assistant manager and supervisor in the accounting and auditing department in the company’s Manchester and Milan divisions. His superiors saw the potential in Riva and helped to prepare him for a career in international wealth management and investing.

Raffaele Riva’s Most Recent Career Success

Riva launched his most ambitious business to date just a few years ago. He is the founder, partner, and co-owner of AUREA Multi-Family Group, a parent company that oversees a handful of other businesses in the wealth management industry. These include:

  • Aurea Consulenti Associati SA
  • AUREA Family Business Sarl
  • Inter alia Aurea Wealth Management SA
  • Milano Fiduciaria Sarl

These four firms, located in Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, offer customized financial planning for individuals and businesses of high net worth. Here are some of the specific functions of Riva’s subsidiary organizations:

  • Asset and wealth management
  • Corporate finance and restructuring
  • International cross-border financial transactions, which includes management of complex tax and regulatory issues
  • Legal trusts
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Real estate
  • Sports finance
  • Wealth and estate planning

Riva and his business partners also engage in specific wealth management activities while managing the parent company, AUREA Multi-Family Group. Some examples include:

  • Advise clients involved in mergers, acquisitions, and share deals.
  • Manage all the financial details for clients involved in sports finance, corporate finance, or transfer funding.
  • Advise clients on how to market their start-up venture and assist with marketing campaigns.
  • Help to close numerous high-stakes real estate deals.
  • Act as an intermediary and advisor for businesses involved in cross-border deals.
  • Assist with cross-border wealth reorganization plans.

Riva has years of experience working with people who hold multiple roles in the financial services sector. Bankers, mutual fund managers, insurance companies from around the world, asset managers, tax attorneys, international tax specialists, and fund managers are just some examples.

Raffaele Riva Shares His Vision for AUREA Multi-Family Group

When Riva and his business partners launched AUREA Multi-Family Group, he saw his role as an advisor and facilitator for entrepreneurs and investors with substantial personal wealth. He made it his personal mission to tailor his services to client needs in ways that the competition could not match. AUREA Multi-Family Group and its subsidiaries serve both traditional and alternative investors acting on behalf of themselves or a corporation.

Raffaele Riva derives great personal satisfaction from offering his clients valuable services and advice that can transform their lives. One of the first things on his mind after he wakes up each morning is to ask himself how he can serve his clients better that day. His worldview has always been one of serving. Even when clients do not take his advice, it is important to him that he offers them value.

The attitude of giving and not receiving that Riva and his business partners embrace has allowed them to develop a stellar reputation among their peers in the international finance field. The partners are deeply knowledgeable about business topics while maintaining an empathetic, service-oriented position towards everyone with whom they come in contact.

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