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5 Reasons to Become a Pharmacist

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Not many children start out wanting to become a pharmacist. It is a more specific and adult job than aspirations to be a doctor or a veterinarian, but the truth is that becoming a pharmacist is a great and fulfilling profession. There are many reasons why you or someone you know would make a great pharmacist, and it does not all have to do with math and chemistry! Here are five reasons to consider becoming a pharmacist.

Most common reasons to become a pharmacist:

You want to actually interact with your patients

Pharmacists are able to work and speak directly with the people receiving their care. Whether that means directly administering a vaccine or flu shot or answering questions about medication, working as a pharmacist will give you no shortage of patient interaction! People who are friendly and enjoy seeing the direct impact of their work could become a successful pharmacist.

In addition, working with patients means that you can directly address their concerns and put them at ease. At the same time, you can relax knowing that most patient situations are not a life-or-death situation. You are doubtlessly improving the lives of the people around you, but don’t need to worry about interacting in an essential way.

You enjoy having a respected position

Much like surgeons or pediatricians, pharmacists are highly respected individuals in their own communities. Being entrusted with providing medication means that you are an intelligent and respected person as well as a source of safety and knowledge. Nobody ever complains about their pharmacist! You are able to answer important questions and handle essential medication, helping to relieve pain and suffering. Who wouldn’t respect that?

You want to be an essential part of any healthcare team

Contrary to what some may think, pharmacists are not removed from the essential healthcare teams. In fact, they are a vital part of them! Most people associate pharmacists as working with retailers or in a pharmacy chain, but pharmacists also work in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and the government. No matter what team they are part of, pharmacists play an essential role in the overall health and wellness of their community.

The essential part that pharmacists play also means that you have a wide variety of career opportunities available!

You enjoy the stability of an in-demand job

The world has always needed pharmacists, but in today’s climate that is more true than ever! Pharmacists are incredibly in-demand, especially as prescription needs rise and patients require a skilled healthcare professional to assist with medication. In addition, there are also job openings for certified pharmacists, giving you the ability to travel wherever you want! In fact, did you know that some pharmacists can even assist with online and remote orders such as the ones at this Canadian pharmacy?

Becoming a pharmacist means you will get to enjoy the benefits of a stable and highly demanded job, as well as the knowledge that you are an essential part of the community.

You want to help people feel better

This is perhaps the most important reason to become a pharmacist. You will directly handle and deliver medication to relieve a variety of both mental and physical ailments. Answering questions and providing clarity allow you to see the relief and understanding you bring to your patients. As a pharmacist, helping people to get well will be part of your daily routine!

If any of these reasons strike a chord, don’t hesitate to begin your pharmacy journey! After all, the world can never have enough pharmacists! Enjoy stability, respect, and an interesting career once you put on that white coat.

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