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Redefining Ordinary Phone Cases Into Extraordinary

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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thepoetfriend.com is about making an impact

A Canadian owned phone case brand creating waves amongst all generations. Thepoetfriend.com is an online boutique that primarily sells compostable phone cases which are 100% biodegradable. The collection is not just limited to eco-friendly phone cases so there is something for everyone. This online boutique flaunts a variety of cases made from polycarbonate to hybrid TPU materials that factor in durability and longevity alongside its remarkable aesthetics.

What is unique about this store is that these phone cases do more than just providing protection to the smart phones. These cases are intended to make a visual impact with designs that have a story to tell, many of the visual stories imprinted on these phone cases evoke contemplative sentiments that are inspirational and uplifting. The online boutique offers an amicable user experience and a wide range of designs to choose from. The boutique has garnered some raving reviews around the subtle distinctiveness their products have to offer especially the enriched notes and moving visuals that are current and give a lift to anyone who needs a boost.

This is a brand evidently here to stay. The world we are living in is nothing less than chaotic and bustling with anxiety and stress especially amongst the millennials and Gen Z’s. There is a pressing need to ensure they are reassured and not alone in the path they walk today. With smart phones taking over the world, a device that’s never left alone what better way to validate that we are in this together through constant reminders. At thepoetfriend.com, the phone cases do just that through their visually poignant designs.

Lifestyle is defined by consumer choices whether it’s going green or making decisions that impact social and environmental aspects. Thepoetfriend.com does an exemplary job by giving back to its communities. What’s interesting is that the customer has complete control over what charitable cause to be attributed to from the list of aid organizations available. They have taken this one step further by creating an eco-conscious shopping experience. The customer has the option to offset carbon emissions meaning when an offset is purchased, these funds impact projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions like protecting forests or building wind farms.

Their mission is to make every effort in adopting sustainable practices. Keeping this in mind the products are made on demand to avoid storing stock which in turn avoids the overproduction and wastage that comes from unused and distressed products. In short, these are made to order products.

The online boutique is worth a look with some brilliant designs, clearly not afraid to express thoughts and moods and it can’t get any better with their ongoing socio-environmental commitment to make our world a better place to live.

Who would have thought an ordinary phone case can foster a reflective connotation to life and not limited to mere lifestyle device.

Meet your poet friend-

Thepoetfriend.com is a small online business founded by an unrelenting entrepreneur who also happens to be an enthusiastic mother & a daughter from Vancouver, Canada. The idea of starting an online boutique with refreshing phone cases came from this indefinite passion to make a small difference in the lives of the people.

Learn more about your poet friend and their products by visiting thepoetfriend.com. Follow your poet friend on social media platforms such as https://www.instagram.com/poetrybyneetha and https://www.facebook.com/poetrybyneetha

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