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Renee Le Cussan & Luke Falkner of Statt Consulting & The Importance Of Establishing Community Trust

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Statt Consulting was founded by renowned migration expert Renee Le Cussan and communications and migration development expert Luke Falkner. Its primary objective is consulting on approaches for establishing clear communicative channels and the ways in which this is best approached.

When considering the necessity of establishing real and positive relationships between communities around the globe and organizations poised to help them, trust is the most vital, and trickiest element to establish.

Using Their Experience

Experience breeds a sense of natural instinct and developed understanding in a worldwide sense. For Renee Le Cussan this manifested itself through years of volunteer work in remote communities, learning the intrinsic value of trust and communicative ability. Her work spanned through contracts with international Government agencies, The U.N, and the World Health Organization. Luke Falkner had a similar portfolio of diverse and challenging roles, including a stint with the United Nations office of Drugs and Crime revolving around humanitarian purposes.

This impressive catalogue of experience has given them insight into the intricacies and ever-changing landscape of societal dynamics – thus adding value to the approach of Statt Consulting.

Promoting Systemic Improvement

Oftentimes, the environments where Statt Consulting works are more prone to mistrusting outside organizations, regardless of intention. This mistrust is a key reason why many NGOs, Aid Organizations, and Government Agencies have a particular difficulty in establishing a working relationship and dialogue in these communities.

Through careful integration of experience, Renee Le Cussan and Luke Falkner have assisted in the establishment of several prominent organizations with the communities they’re designed to help. They choose their clients carefully and base their decision to take on a client against their thematic and specialist expertise.

Typically revolving around issues related to migration and development, they’ve assisted organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, European Union, various United Nations agencies as well as several governments around the world in developing positive means of communication and establishing elements of trust in otherwise mistrusting communities.

Their goal is substantial positivity and efficiency of communication between communities that need assistance, and the organizations that wish to help.

You can follow up with Renee Le Cussan and Luke Falkner at and LinkedIn here.

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