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Renting cars in Marrakech from Mohammed Berrada

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Ian Feldman
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If you visit Morocco and decide to drive yourself around, you might well run into Mohammed Berrada. Mohammed operates Bourhim Car, a rental agency in Marrakech (Morocco’s largest city) that also provides private drivers for their customers.

Mohammed, what does your agency do?

Bourhim Car provides rental cars to tourists in Marrakech, Morocco’s biggest city. We also provide private drivers to help people to get around the country.

Do you operate outside of Marrakech?

While our office is in Marrakech, our drivers can take people anywhere in Morocco. Trips to cities like Tangier and Casablanca are particularly popular. We can also deliver cars and pick them up around Morocco.

What do tourists need to know about Moroccan traffic laws?

Driving in Morocco is just like anywhere else in the world (unless you are from somewhere that drives on the left). We stop at red lights and go at green, just like everyone else!

What types of cars do you offer?

We have cars that are suitable for driving around the main cities and on the highways between them, as well as big, tough four-wheel drives that you can take around on back roads and drive through the desert in.

How does the process work?

It’s pretty easy to rent from Bourhim Car – all you need to do is log in, pick the car you want and tell us where and when you want to pick it up and drop it off! We will take care of the rest.

If you want a driver who already knows their way around Morocco we also provide that service. This leaves you free to watch the beautiful desert, mountain or ocean scenery!

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