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A Revolution in Respiratory Virus Detection: The Real Time Voice Analyzer

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Maria Hunter
Maria Hunter
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In a groundbreaking move set to change the face of respiratory illness screening, the Real Time Voice Analyzer (RTVA) has emerged as a promising tool in the fight against COVID-19. The RTVA offers the most advanced non-invasive solution, utilizing voice biomarkers and state-of-the-art AI algorithms to detect not only COVID-19 and its variants but also certain strains of influenza and the common cold.

This innovative tool is the brainchild of a collaboration between Hematico and Dr. Rita Singh, a globally recognized expert in voice analysis research. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Singh has devoted her career to the study of voice patterns and their implications for health. The RTVA is a culmination of this work, capable of detecting health variances across any language. Singh likens the RTVA’s capabilities to a doctor using a stethoscope, detecting irregularities with unprecedented accuracy.

Designed to be user-friendly, the RTVA mobile app offers results in just 5-10 minutes, bypassing the extensive waiting times associated with traditional testing methods. Its universal design ensures accurate screenings irrespective of the user’s language, focusing primarily on vowel sounds to provide consistency across diverse dialects and languages.

Prioritizing user security and privacy, the RTVA assures that all health data is protected, meeting all HIPAA compliance standards. And in an age of environmental awareness, the RTVA stands out as an eco-conscious choice. Requiring nothing more than the user’s voice, it eliminates the environmental footprint associated with plastics, swabs, or shipping materials.

The medical community has quickly recognized the potential of the RTVA. Melinda Silva, MD, a member of RTVA’s Medical Advisory Board, commented, “The Real Time Voice Analyzer serves as an invaluable early warning instrument. A positive screening result enables individuals to promptly seek out further tests or treatments, streamlining the process of intervention.”

With its official unveiling, the RTVA is now available for a free trial, with no credit card prerequisites. This tool signifies more than just another screening mechanism—it’s a beacon of hope and a significant stride in our global battle against respiratory viruses.

For a closer look at what the RTVA offers, an official video demonstration is available here. To learn more or sign up for the trial, interested parties can visit the official website.

Founded in 1998, Real Time Network has a storied history of equipping individuals with the tools to take charge of their healthcare needs. As the developers behind the RTVA, they continue to showcase their commitment to cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

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