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Rishabh Dubey – The Young Author And His Third Book

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John Hammond
John Hammond
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Known by his pen-name ‘Kridious’, the dynamic writer from India, Rishabh Dubey, has launched his third book entitled ‘The Idiosyncrasies of Life’. Unlike his first two, this one is not a novel but an anthological compilation of his poems, stories and other self-compositions. On conversing with him, we got to know a lot about his life, his inspirations and his aspirations. Let’s have a look at them.

Rishabh was born on the 4th of July, 1997, in the heritage Indian city of Lucknow. Forced into introversion by certain social circumstances in his early teens, Rishabh got an isolated opportunity to comprehend his ever persisting and bubbling imagination and started experimenting with characters and stories he already knew of. The most prominent project he began during that phase was a fan-fiction book called ‘Star Wars: Rise of The Foundation’, which was an amalgamation of the Universes created by the great George Lucas and the legendary Isaac Asimov.

Eventually, he learned the art of writing original stories with mere consistent practice; and at the age of fourteen, Rishabh started authoring his first book entitled ‘Krikos: The Vertical Horizon’. After being rejected multiple times by various publications on just the face-value of his age, Rishabh chose to shelf the book and almost quit his passion for writing.

During the last few months of his schooling, in 2014, a friend motivated Rishabh to take up writing again. Subsequently, he began another project inspired by both his observations as well as the fantastical worlds he had ever dwelled in. He decided to diligently concentrate on the work and took more than a year off from any other commitment. In January 2016, Rishabh launched the book entitled ‘The Mangoman’, a political satire filled with elements of fantasy and humour to keep the readers informed as well as always on their feet. He soon rose to fame as the book got a growing positive reception from a niche, young and contemporary reader’s market.

It bolstered his morale and with that experience, he started meticulously revamping his first original book. In October 2017, Rishabh launched ‘Krikos: The Vertical Horizon’, and announced that it is going to be first of six in his planned ‘Krikos Space Sci-Fi Saga’. He has also planned two sequels to ‘The Mangoman’, one of them, entitled ‘Dawn of Alfonso’, being ready for publication. Post the launch of Krikos, Rishabh undertook a subject that he had always desired to explore, that is that of ‘Religion’. As of February 2019, his book ‘The Religion Called Pragmatism’ has officially begun its pre-publication phase.

While working on his novels, Rishabh used to dedicate some time to also practising shorter creations like that of poetry, articles and short stories. Being a guitarist and composer, he has also written more than a dozen original songs in English. An advice from his sister gave him the idea of compiling them all in an unplanned release. Therefore, in the beginning of May 2019, Rishabh released his book ‘The Idiosyncrasies of Life’, his first ever collection, which is marked by a well-segmented flow of narration that the reader can choose from depending upon their mood.

Lastly, Rishabh is all set to release three more books by the end of 2020. We urge everyone to read his amazing creations and rejoice his fresh creativity. He is an exemplar of fearlessness for those who seek to enter the world of writing. We wish him the best for his future endeavours.

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