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Ross Franklin Leading The Juice Company That Is Good For The Body & Society

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Fergus Murray
Fergus Murray
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Ross Franklin is a classic success story in the American narrative, the leader and founder of the Pure Green is no stranger to overcoming adversities in his professional and personal life. The meteoric rise of the Pure Green empire goes to show that a healthy mind, a healthy attitude, and a healthy product can net unmitigated success.

Early Days

The company was founded by Ross Franklin in the great dream-factory known as New York City in 2014. The competition is stiff in New York at the best of times, let alone for a healthy cold-pressed juicing company that has conglomerate-level competitors. For Ross Franklin and his team of dedicated employees though, it was simply another hill to climb.

It wasn’t long before customers began to realise the difference that was offered by Pure Green, unparalleled taste and incredible nutritional value.

These demarcations were essential for Ross Franklin when starting up the business. Having over 10 years of experience working with various health clubs, yoga studios, and boutique fitness studios – even owning his own successful gym at one point. Upon realising the incredible influence that diet and nutrition has on a healthy lifestyle, Pure Green was his one and only focus.

Expansion Begets Expansion

It wasn’t about IF there would be an expansion, but WHEN. In 2016, Ross Franklin launched the wholesaling division of Pure Green as a response to overwhelming demand and lucrative partnerships. Expanding further into franchises in 2020 which saw Pure Green enter a new echelon of success as being the fastest-growing cold-press juicing companies in the country.

The Juice With A Heart

The Pure Green Franchises are the first of many planned expansions taking place in this new chapter of the company. The unprecedented product that fulfills a cornerstone of the market is not going anywhere, and with their attitude and approach to society in general, its easy to see why.

Take for example their initiative for frontline workers at the height of the pandemic. Delivering wholesome, healthy, and free juices to frontline workers across New York City allowed people to see the company for what it is, a cold-pressed juice company with a steady eye on giving hope and health to the ones who need it most.

What’s Next?

The Pure Green Franchises have taken off, with more people demanding a quality cold-pressed juice that has the nutritional foundation and pleasant taste, with the way expansion has gone with Pure Green, it’s exciting to imagine what could be around the corner as more stores open around the country and the world.

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