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Salvatore Laterra, talks about delivering guaranteed licensure and accreditation to home care startups

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CEO of Certified Homecare Consulting – Salvatore Laterra, talks about delivering guaranteed licensure and accreditation to home care startups

Salvatore Laterra is the CEO of Certified Homecare Consulting, a consultancy firm that is an industry leader when it comes to establishing successful home care businesses.

As we’ve witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, home health care is immensely crucial. With millions of people across the world forced into managed isolation or quarantine, the effects of the epidemic have been felt globally. Certified Homecare Consulting is a firm that provides clients with the necessary resources and information to state a healthcare business from the ground up.

Home care consulting is quite a competitive field in the United States, since the population is aging at an increasing rate, and there are many people who want to establish businesses to help elderly Americans.

Salvatore was kind enough to answer a few questions about Certified Homecare Consulting and its work.

Hi Salvatore, can you tell us a bit about Certified Homecare Consulting?

Certainly, Certified Homecare Consulting is a consultancy firm that is focused on helping our clients establish their desired home care business in the most straightforward and thorough way possible. We guarantee successful licensure and accreditation for all of the startups we work with. We’ve been in business for nearly 20 years and are, without a doubt, the easiest and most secure way for anyone in the US to establish their homecare business.

What are the different kinds of home care business you help to establish?

We cover all the bases – home care, health home care, hospice care, medical transportation, and adult foster care. We guarantee successful accreditation for our clients to legally operate any of the above business structures, and to bill their desired payer sources be it Medicaid, Medicare, Private Insurance, etc.

What kind of support do you give your clients after they have established their home care business?

Unlike other firms, we stick with the startups we work with from beginning to end. That means we will work with our clients from the initial stages and give them support all the way until they sell the business, or their children inherit it.

We are in it for the long run, and we know how to get our clients established and help them deal with the challenges of balancing expenses while building their client base. Our team has invaluable firsthand experience when it comes to setting up healthcare businesses.

Why is Certified Homecare Consulting superior to the options offered by other home care consultants and franchise companies?

I’m glad you asked this question. We aren’t trying to brag, but we are vastly superior to the many other businesses that claim to offer services similar to our own – many even try to copy our image and likeness, and repurpose our business name as their own. Most of these businesses have never actually owned or operated a successful home health care business before.

We are true industry leaders with a proven track record of success in the field we consult in. Our team is made up of industry veterans from diverse backgrounds, and we own and operate successful home care and home health care businesses, a healthcare billing company, an adult foster care business, as well as a business management company that has over 350 employees based in the USA.

After the initial setup, how do you assist homecare businesses with branding and other marketing efforts?

We help the startups we work with execute every aspect of establishing a successful home care business. This includes assistance with key efforts like digital marketing as well as branding. This ensure that the business is recognizable and discoverable by those seeking the services they provide.

Even with the best staff, you need to be able to generate new business and capture the attention of the social workers, discharge planners, and other folks you are marketing your business to. This is why we place a high priority on marketing, as we know from experience that perception will often get you in the door, while having great staff will keep you there.

Salvatore, thank you for your time!
You can follow up with Salvatore Laterra and Certified Homecare Consulting at

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