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Sanjay Nagaut discusses the growth and benefits of Hitech BillSoft

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Sanjay Nagaut is the founder and CEO of Hitech Digital World Pvt Ltd., the company that has developed the Hitech BillSoft software that is used for billing all around India. Hitech Billsoft is India’s fastest billing software and is appropriate for any business that needs to manage payments – no matter how large or small.

The software includes inventory tracking, barcode scanning and GST (sales tax) calculations, as well as sending text and/or email alerts. It can even be managed through an Android app! In addition to managing stock, bills and payments, Hitech BillSoft also enables staff attendance to be accurately tracked and automatically manages salary calculations.

Sanjay agreed to speak to us to talk about how he developed Hitech BillSoft as it expands internationally from India – including to the USA, UK and Australia.

Hi Sanjay, can you tell us a bit about how Hitech BillSoft got started and developed the Hitech BillSoft software?

As we are already in other businesses before venturing in Hitech BillSoft, we are unable to find a user friendly billing solutions for our need. We looked for many software in the market but each of them lacked many things we are looking for and most important is user friendliness.

This led to start of our journey of Hitech BillSoft, software which is technologically advanced yet user friendly by its DNA. Through BillSoft, we want to simplify how businesses operate and reduce their management burden by making them more tech savvy.

Since introducing Hitech BillSoft to the market, how much adoptions have you had from businesses?

Our adoptions rates are fairly high and businesses are responding in positive manner from every corner of the world. Our limited edition is downloaded by more than million users worldwide. We are expanding our reach day by day so that we can cross 10 million in next 2 years.

What countries have you expanded to outside of India?

Basically expansion is an ongoing process and presently our services are available in USA, UK, Australia and Hong Kong. We are in talks with many partners to introduce our services in more countries around the world.

What are some of the feedback/challenges you got in earlier versions and how did you improve your software to meet these demands?

As a company, we believe in growing together and users are most important part of this. We evaluate their feedback and appreciate them even if they are critical. Earlier versions lack many features which lead to low adoption rates. Our product development team worked hard to improve the software to meet our user’s criteria.

What are some of the current best/most popular features that Hitech BillSoft v7 offers?

Well it depends on user and their requirements. Our most sought after features are multi-user support, comprehensive reporting engine, dual channel printing and the list goes on.  We still believe our best feature is what fulfills requirement of that particular user.

Is Hitech BillSoft secure against hackers/malicious agents that want to steal financial information from a company?

We take data security very seriously and is our primary concern. We regularly update our users about current scenario and how they can secure their data physically. At our end, we use advanced encryption algorithms to secure user data.

Are there are new improvements you are working on for Hitech BillSoft v8?

Yes, we are working on many things at a time for our upcoming version. Most important features which we are planning to introduce soon are network support, multi taxation system. We are also planning to improve our user interface to make it more user friendly for our users.

Sanjay, thank you for your time!
You can follow up with Sanjay Nagaut at

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