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Say hello to preowned luxury jewelry and watches experts – Gray and Sons Jewelers

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Jewelry and watches are some of the most valuable personal items we can own, both in terms of material cost and sentimentality. These items are small (easily transported), can hold sentimental value as gifts or heirlooms, have a utility, and can be subjectively valued based on factors like the materials used and prestige of the brand-name.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a really special gift, or just a reward for yourself, then a piece of luxury jewelry or a luxury watch might be on your radar.  Contrary to popular belief, luxury doesn’t need to mean recklessly spending large amounts – you can be money smart and buy a preowned piece that that gives you everything you would want from a brand-new piece.

Since people are starting to save a little more money rather than spend big, the market for preowned luxury items has expanded in recent years. With a drive to deliver affordable excellence, Gray & Sons Jewelers founder Keith A. Gray decided to start his business selling fully restored luxury jewelry and watches.

Keith has a high attention to detail and has employed a team of Swiss watchmakers that have helped his business thrive for the last 40 years. His business stocks everything from Rolex watches to Van Cleef, Tiffany & Co. + much more, so there’s a gift item available for anyone, for any occasion.

So, how do they pull it off?


All of the items that are collected in the Gray & Sons inventory are put through a highly involved, 86-step process that is inspected by Swiss jewelers and watchmakers who have over 150 years combined expertise. All of the items go through a careful process of polishing and cleaning to bring them up to snuff so that they are practically indistinguishable from freshly manufactured version of the same piece. All of the pieces are closely inspected by authentication experts who can confirm it is not a replica or counterfeit.


As they are an independent reseller of luxury items that they meticulously restore, Gray & Sons is free to set their own pricing and is therefore not beholden to the manufacturer’s pricing model. This means that they are able to be flexible with prices and give customers the best deal on restored jewelry and watches.

Quality Guarantee

As you might have guessed, Gray & Sons is a business that takes a lot of pride in its work and understands that reputation is everything. Having served the local community in Florida, USA for 40 years (est. 1980), the business has expanded to serve customers around the world with an exclusive 12-24 month warranty on watches and a 10-day ‘No Questions Asked’ return policy which gives people the chance to buy an item, model it, then return if it doesn’t suit.

They also have a ‘Like New For Life’ policy which means that any item you spend more than $2000 on entitles you to lifetime free maintenance and refurbishment, including pressure testing and battery replacement.

Gray & Sons are one of the longest running and well-respected jewelry and watch restoration businesses in the United States and across the globe. Take a look at their testimonials on their website to see what fantastic things past customers have had to say about Gray & Sons.

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