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Scoring Success with Jesus Salamo Jr.: How Sponsoring a Soccer Team Boosts Your Business Branding and Visibility

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Kieran Mcleod
Kieran Mcleod
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When it comes to running a successful business, success cannot be achieved without scaling your business. Scaling your business is the difference between failing in the first year and building something that lasts.

There are many ways you can scale your business and gain visibility: utilize SEO techniques, connect with influencers, build a strong social media following, and get featured in publications. While each of these tactics will help you accomplish your goals, there is a lesser known option, one that can truly make all the difference for a company, especially one with any international ties—sponsoring a team.

We sat down with Jesus Salamo Baretta, CEO of JY Global, international trade expert, and sponsor of two soccer teams in Brazil, to learn why sponsorship is so close to his heart and how it helps his business. He shared the top three reasons why sponsoring a team is a great idea for any business, and in any sport.

1. It Provides Support of Local Teams

If you watch sports, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that maintaining a professional team is expensive. They have to pay for travel, maintenance of their stadiums and equipment, hotels, and more. For these reasons, monetary support of a sponsor is imperative to the success of the team.

“The biggest professional teams aren’t the only ones that get sponsored or need to be. There is a very small local team in the second or third division. This means that the pay every month is very low, so a sponsorship for them would be a big deal, and they actually got sponsored by one of the largest supermarket chains because he was fond of them,” said Jesus Salamo Baretta. “Support like that makes all the difference to a team.”

2. It Effectively Scales Your Business

It might be hard to see the big picture at first, and you could be wondering how spending money on a sponsorship actually makes your company money in the long run. As Jesus Salamo Baretta puts it, fan loyalty goes a long way.

“Sponsoring a soccer team is extremely good for business because of how obsessed with the sport everyone in this area is. If they go to a supermarket, they will see the name of the brand sponsoring their teams and then, because of their loyalty and support of their team, they will only buy that brand,” he said. “The fans’ loyalty leads to them supporting the team, which in turn leads to them supporting us.”

This is an effective way to scale your business and gain visibility regardless of area or sports team. While people may be passionate about soccer in Brazil, they are passionate about other sports in other areas.

Consider the Super Bowl in the U.S. Companies spend millions of dollars on a two minute commercial, and while it may seem like a waste of money, it boosts their visibility and gets their name and services out to people they might not otherwise be able to reach, all because of the large number of viewers on that night, some of which tune in specifically for the outlandish commercials.

3. It Cultivates a Connection to Local Community

Jesus Salamo Baretta is the sponsor for two big teams in Brazil—Atlético Mineiro and Náutico—but his company has plans to sponsor even more in the future. As he puts it, all the local teams are worthy of the monetary support, and to avoid any fighting or negativity about one team getting sponsored over another, he hopes to one day show his support for them all.

Simply making money isn’t the most important qualifier of a good business, having a mission that is community focused is, and it is also a quality of a good leader. This is something Jesus Salamo Baretta and JY Global Group have in spades, especially given the nature of their company and their commitment to bettering the world as a whole.

About JY Global Group

Jesus Salamo Baretta, CEO of JY Global Group, is a seasoned international trade expert and a budding entrepreneur. With a passion for expanding his company’s reach beyond borders, he has gained extensive experience in navigating the intricacies of global business. Click here to learn more about Jesus Salamo Baretta and JY Global Group:

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