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Seacoast Press Continues to Prove Their Skills as a Pioneer of the Publishing World

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Seacoast Press is a name that authors from all around the world have quickly become familiar with. As an industry leader in the publishing world, their innovative strategies are incredibly attractive to aspiring authors. Famous for their hybrid model that blends traditional and modern publishing methods, Seacoast Press takes the struggle out of self-publishing for authors while also ensuring that they remain in control of their literary works. This makes achieving success with a book much easier for authors and allows them to experience the full extent of benefits from the writing that they have surely worked so hard on.

Founded by industry expert J.J. Hebert, Seacoast Press combines extensive experience in the world of publishing with a deep passion for helping authors to succeed. They understand the need that authors have to feel in control of the works that they produce and are sure to help them retain the rights to their stories while also ensuring that all of the logistics of publishing are successfully taken care of. They work with all genres and are known for their ability to get authors recognized by countless individuals and for their ability to get books on best seller lists like the Amazon Best Seller list. As a best selling author himself, J.J. Hebert enjoys the opportunity to share all of his tips and tricks with other authors looking to follow in his footsteps.

At Seacoast Press, there are two packages available for authors to choose from. The first is the “Standard Package”. This package costs $4K and includes all of the basic necessities needed when publishing a book. With this package, authors get services like ongoing guidance from a project manager, book design, publishing, marketing, printing, distribution, and much more. On top of this, Seacoast Press also run effective social media campaigns and also secure press releases on some of the top news websites affiliated with internationally renowned companies such as NBC, CBS and FOX. The “Best Sellers Package” costs $7K and includes all this and more. It is known for the success that it has in helping authors’ books achieve best seller status. Seacoast Press is proud to be the publishing company of an ever-growing number of best selling authors.

Although Seacoast Press is there to provide guidance and organization for the release of your new book, they do not take away from your creative control as author. You will maintain all of the rights for your stories and will have the final say on all aspects of design, distribution, and other processes. You will also receive 100% of the royalties that your book will inevitably end up making! This opportunity to work with a hybrid and modern book publishing company is what has made Seacoast Press the number one choice for many aspiring authors.

With Seacoast Press, your book is sure to succeed and your reputation as an author will only continue to blossom. A true pioneer in the world of modern publishing solutions, Seacoast Press is leading the way to a brighter future.

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