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Searchbloom SEO & Content Marketing Experts Share Four Best Practices

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Searchbloom is an SEO, PPC and content marketing firm with more than forty awards for its high technical skills, innovative methodologies, and commitment to its partner clients’ success. Below, they share four best practices to improve your website’s SEO and content marketing.

Cody C. Jensen founded Searchbloom in 2015 after years of working at Google offers and in some of the biggest SEO firms in the world. During his time at these companies, Cody realized the pressing need to create an ethical, transparent, and results-focused agency. Rather than wait around for someone else to provide an answer, he took matters into his own hands — and Searchbloom was born.

Since its inception, Searchbloom has won more than forty awards, including the Best Retail E-Commerce SEO Initiative of 2020 and 2021 by Search Engine Land, and the 2nd-fastest growing SEO agency, according to USA Today, as well as many others.

Searchbloom has a promise:

“We will never bring on a new partner client unless we know we can generate an ROI.”

They honor this promise every time by deploying an arsenal of strategies encompassed in their signature methodology ART, which stands for Authority, Relevancy, and Technology. In a nutshell:

  • Authority is an assessment of your website as a source of trustworthy information based on how other websites interact and link to you.
  • Relevancy is how comprehensively your website’s content provides information to users, including the keywords people use when searching for businesses like yours.
  • Technology focuses on the experience users have when visiting your site, for example, how fast it loads.

Searchbloom uses the ART methodology to evaluate and improve the Authority, Relevancy, and Technology of their partner client’s assets (e.g., website, its structure and content; social media, images, videos, animations, and so on). This results in the website ranking organically on the first search engine results pages (SERPs).

Based on that, their team has shared some of the keys that can help you increase the ROI of your SEO and content marketing.

Give People a Good Experience

Remember that bulky, slow website you left after 5 seconds without even seeing the heavy images that were trying to load?

A good online experience is seamless, pleasant, and user-oriented.

According to Tyson Hymas Sr., Director of SEO of Searchbloom, a few of the elements you need are:

  • Pages that load quickly and display properly on all devices
  • Navigation that is easy to understand and follow
  • Information that answers the questions your clients have
  • Content that entices the reader
  • Forms that are easy to complete.

“All of these directly relate to SEO, and every improvement will have a positive impact,” he states.

Content Is More Than Words

Content marketing is putting all your content assets to the service of selling what you’re offering, either directly or indirectly. It’s easy to think that content includes only the text on your website — blog articles, emails, or social media posts. Cody C. Jensen thinks otherwise:

“Content is everything that communicates an idea or evokes a feeling and that you present to your clients.”

That means content includes your website’s navigation structure and design, every single image and video you use, the color scheme you have chosen for your website and brand, and more.

All these elements need to be optimized. Think of it this way: you’re selling with everything that touches content by communicating ideas like comfort, efficiency, structure, and positive feelings. If you only present your product’s or service’s benefits with your written content, you’re only telling half the story.

What You Do Write, Write Better

Content Marketing often lacks well-written content that provides value.

People only read what you write if it benefits them, so you have to give them something they want to read. Jordan Conner explains: “If you write good content, they will read and keep reading, which means you will need to keep writing.”

This also will help you improve the Topical Authority of your website.

Topical Authority is your website’s collective knowledge of your business’s niche topic(s) and any related search terms. It is mainly based on the content you have published about those subjects, so comprehensiveness is critical.

The more you publish quality articles, posts, etc., about the specific, related topics you want to position your website for, the more your website’s Topical Authority will improve.

If You Move, Tell Google

“In general, businesses tend to rebuild their sites every 2-4 years, and most don’t do a redirect map,” Cody C. Jensen states.

A redirect map is a way of telling Google and your clients that you relocated your pages like you make them know when you moved to a different office. Basically, it is a table that matches your old URLs with the ones from your new website.

This tool tells Google that your pages have moved to new URLs, so Google doesn’t think pages on your site just disappeared. You can transfer the discoverability and authority from your previous website/pages and build on past success.

If you don’t redirect, you lose all those links you’ve gained from the previous website or page. This can translate into a huge loss of site traffic and money.

These best practices can greatly improve your SEO and content marketing efforts. Of course, you can make many more improvements that range in complexity and scale.

Searchbloom can help you with all of them. We recommend you visit their website to get a free marketing plan.

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