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Sibling Company Rivalries: The Tale Of Bill Gates & Steve Jobs

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman is the lead editor for Business News Ledger. Ian has been working as a freelance journalist for nearly a decade having published stories in the New York Times, The Plain Dealer, The Daily Mail and many others. Ian is based in Detroit and covers issues related to entrepreneurs and businesses.

When we think entrepreneurs, you would be hard pressed to not consider the two (arguably) largest influences in the tech industry in recent memory, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. There were times of bitter rivalry, times of unbridled symbiotic success, and times where both were present. The long and short of it remains true that Apple and Microsoft would not be what they are today if it were not for the other.

While they needed each other at certain points, it would be foolhardy to not consider some of the ways in which they complement each other, in terms of business, innovation, design, and overall impact on the world. These entrepreneurs had similar origins after all, beginning their empires in garages and in anonymity – their pathways, however, could not be more different.

Let’s unpack the strengths of both of them and distill the aspect of their business that shimmers against the other.

Steve Jobs – Design & Marketing

Steve Jobs

Say what you will about the practices of Apple and NeXT, Steve Jobs knew how to build hype and sell products. This differential with Bill Gates allowed Apple to flourish throughout most of the late 90s and 00’s. The knack for design that he had was recognizable in iPhone, iMac, the Macintosh, and subsequent revolutionary product lines that we know and love today.

 “He really never knew much about technology, but he had an amazing instinct for what works.”Bill Gates

Bill Gates – Business & Building

On the other side of the scale, we have the business mogul and entrepreneur Bill Gates. His stringent focus on building his business with Microsoft and the Windows releases was staggeringly effective. When developing the fundamental Basic program, he was inundated with offers of buyouts, but felt the need to remain in the driver’s seat.

While this assisted in building a more affluent empire, Steve Jobs had his own opinion on the way he conducted business.

Bill Gates would be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger.”Steve Jobs

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