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Step to Take If You Have Been Hit by a Drunk Driver

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Travon Marner
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After being hit by a drunk driver, it may be hard to know the correct steps to take. This is crucial, especially if you have suffered serious injuries. Remember, drunk driving car accidents are treated differently from other car accidents. It is crucial to have the right details by examining the available facts before making any decision. Learn the steps you need to take, including getting a Miami car accident lawyer to help you through the case. In the meantime, here are crucial things you need to do.

Take Notes

If you have not suffered severe physical injuries, try as much as you can to take notes of the accident. Take the information about the driver and the vehicle. Note down the license plate number, the color, model, and make of the car. This information will be crucial should the driver decide to hit and run. You can also take pictures of the car and the driver. You will need as many details as you can to file a claim.

Contact Your Lawyer

It is crucial to hire a car accident lawyer to help handle the case and make sure you get compensated. Contact our Miami lawyer with ample experience to help you fight through the case t the end. You should never face this battle alone. Getting a lawyer will be crucial, especially if you have to focus on treating the injuries.

Take Photos and Look for Witnesses

As mentioned earlier, it will be vital to take photos of the accident. This will be vital evidence when seeking compensation. If possible, get witnesses and take their personal details. Some people may be reluctant to be witnesses, but your lawyer will help you with this. Collect the details you can get. You will need the witnesses and pictures in court.

Call the Police

Immediately the accident happens, call the police or 911 to get medical attention. You will need to record a statement with the police. This report will be vital when dealing with your insurer. When the police arrive, they will record details of the accident and confirm the driver had passed the alcohol limit allowed.

Seek Medical Attention

This should be the first step you ought to take if you have suffered serious injuries. Even without visible injuries, seeking medical care immediately, even before you start the case is crucial. Your health and wellbeing come first. Furthermore, you will need a medical report from the doctor to prove the extent of the injuries you have suffered.

Call Your Insurance Company

If you were in your car the moment the accident happened, there is a high chance your car was damaged. In that case, you will have to call your insurance company and let them know about the accident. Take pictures and record conversations. You will need every single detail to prove fault and ensure the company compensates you the right way.


These are crucial steps you need to take when hit by a drunk driver. It is vital to collect every detail you can get since you will need enough proof to show fault. Call our car accident lawyer. They have all the experience and knowledge you need to handle a case of this nature.

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