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SugaCards 5 Reasons to Convert Your Plastic Card into Metal

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Today everyone knows about metal payment cards. This is a very fashionable accessory that has replaced the most status types of plastic cards from the pedestal. Indeed, metal payment cards combine aesthetics and functionality. And in general, they are much more practical, more convenient, and to be honest, more solid than ordinary plastic, which you will definitely not surprise anyone with.

If you have not yet decided to order a custom payment card made of metal, we, together with our partners, the SugaCards company, have prepared 5 important reasons for you in favor of such a decision. Let’s get to know them together.

Reason # 1: Metal Card Is A Big Step Towards Higher Status

In our world, status still plays a big role. Who wants to be considered insignificant? Of course, no one. At the same time, it is not always possible to constantly show your high status. For example, if you’re on vacation at a resort, you obviously won’t be sitting by the pool in a luxury Ralph Lauren suit. And on the plane, your fashionable ostrich leather shoes will simply not be noticed by the rest of the passengers. It will be simply impossible not to notice your status metal payment card, indeed. Its exclusive design will immediately give you recognition as a person of high status in society, perhaps a celebrity, or a real business shark. And for this, you do not have to do anything other than quite standard actions. Just pay with it at a restaurant or hand it over to a counterman to pay at a boutique. Believe us, rumors about a VIP client will run faster than the wind.

Reason # 2: Being Trendy Is Cool

Metal payment cards, decorated with engraving, coated in different shades, are very trendy accessories. Such cards became fashionable a couple of years ago. And the reason for this is very simple. Previously, they were inaccessible to a wide range of people, because such payment instruments were issued only to VIP clients of banks, and not every bank was able to issue such insignia. Today it is no less a status but much more accessible trophy. And the practice of SugaCards proves it.

Reason # 3: Metal Bank Cards Are Not Only About A Status They Are Also A Full-fledged Payment Instrument

Even if status and image are not in the first place for you in the rating of personal values, you will certainly appreciate the functionality of metal bank cards. In fact, they are no less functional than plastic ones. The only difference lies in the NFC technology. Due to the fact that metal strongly shields electrical signals and magnetic waves, it is not yet possible to use the touch-and-pay technology in metal payment cards. In addition, often part of the information required for PayPass technology is sewn into the plastic part of the card, and it is simply impossible to remove it for transfer to a metal carrier. Otherwise, it is a regular payment card. It can be used in a store or restaurant where there is a POS with the possibility of sliding a card with a magnetic strip or an insert slot for EMV chip cards. You can withdraw money from it in ATM, where the card is not fully drawn into the card reader. Either way, in the age of smartphones, you can compensate for the shortcomings of metal payment cards by using contactless payment apps.

Reason # 4: It’s an Opportunity to Increase Your Brand Awareness

But the fourth reason on our list is closely related to the offer from SugaCards. It is about the custom design of metal payment cards. The fact is that you can not only choose one of the extraordinary and stylish cards available for order on the website, but also order a custom metal payment card with your company logo at sugacards.com. Such a solution will help you increase your brand awareness because its logo or name will be in front of the eyes of many people, from your partners to sellers and visitors to the cafe where you drink your latte in the morning. Consider that along with the payment instrument, you will also receive an advertisement for your brand as a gift.

Reason # 5: Metal is Always More Reliable than Plastic!

Well, the last reason on our list is one of the most obvious. Try it yourself on metal and plastic of the same thickness. Which of these materials is most likely to maintain the integrity and remain intact even when exposed to great force? The answer is obvious, metal is much stronger! You are probably familiar with situations when a plastic bank card failed long before its expiration date. Scratches on the magnetic stripe and damage to the chip are among the most common damage types to plastic cards. Such a trick will not work with metal. Bank cards made of fine metal are much stronger and less prone to scratches. In addition, the metal card cannot be bent in normal life. And this means that the risk of breaking the card in half, as it sometimes happens with plastic cards, does not threaten you either.

More and more people decide to upgrade their payment instruments. And SugaCards is the company that will help you with this. You can simply order a metal bank card from this company online, and you will receive several benefits at once, including an increase in status, advertising your brand on the card, and also the confidence that your card will not let you down at the most inopportune moment.

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