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Take Control of Your Finances with Tanya Taylor and Grow Your Wealth

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Financial hardship is something that affects countless Americans. Saving and investing money is a challenge and something that requires skill and careful thought. Tanya Taylor arrived in America alone from Jamaica as an undocumented 16-year-old. She has since, been courageously developing a reputation as a financial wizard who has made it her mission to teach others about smart investing and sound money management.

Tanya Taylor has an understanding of what it is like to grow up poor. Upon arriving in America she quickly noticed how many families were in similar situations to what she was and has noticed that that has not changed overtime. With this in mind, she was inspired to create Grow Your Wealth, a financial education platform that provides actionable strategies to transform people’s financial lives and take control of their money, regardless of their income or their current financial situation.

As someone who has had bad credit, high interest credit cards, and no savings in her lifetime, Tanya Taylor wholeheartedly believes that no matter your situation, there is room for change. By the age of 25, Tanya Taylor managed to utilize her financial skills to graduate college debt free, own her first home, and co-own her small business.

She has been informally teaching many other how to do the same, is now sharing her skills with on a broader scale with .

With aCPA, an MBA in Strategic Management, a Certification as a Financial Education Instructor and a Certification as a Credit Counselor Tanya Taylor has been equipping people with valuable knowledge for over 2 decades. She has worked with many organizations and individuals to help them to build a more stable financial situation. She has now embarked on an audacious goal to transform the lives of one million families worldwide.

Her three-prong membership program as part of Grow Your Wealth financial education platform is built to suit anyone regardless of their current financial situation. The first prong ‘The Wealth Trifecta’ is for people with no financial knowledge and no budget. She helps these people to manage these areas, overcome debt, and fix their credit score. Once this is achieved, the second prong ‘Invest and Grow’ teaches them how to invest in the stock market and how to generate other streams of income to begin building their savings. The final prong ‘Wealth Protection’ is highly important for implementing tax planning strategies and ensuring that the wealth that individuals have built is protected and sustainable through future generations.

With Tanya Taylor and Grow Your Wealth, anyone has the ability to transform their financial life. It is important to know that anyone is capable of taking control of their money with the right skills and guidance. Tanya Taylor can provide this guidance and lead you to success.

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