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Tama Leia Shows Support for her Film-maker Friends’ Award Winning Drama

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Tama Leia arrives wearing a long pink silk dress, nude Christian Louboutin heels and a cozy yet glamorous fur coat. Bayou Bennett wears a vintage sequined dress adorned with a cherry necklace.

The impactful and eye-opening film called, Tombstone Pillow had a Tuesday night screening at The Awareness Film Festival.

 Films like this are made to bring about an awareness of situations going on in the world.” Leia says, and then adds, Its an advocacy film that shows what is happening the historic Manila North Cemetery in the Philippines. Its heart breaking to see the conditions the families in the cemetery are living through, but its beautiful to see filmmakers communicating things that are going on in the world through art, so that changes can be made to help people who might not have stood a chance before their stories were told.” Leia grins clearly proud of her friends achievements.

Tombstone Pillow - Tama Leia

Tombstone Pillow tells the story of a girl who gives the Philippines’ wealthiest widow a tour of a graveyard that thousands of poor people call home, and the woman discovers the meaning of real riches. It stars Lourdes Duque Baron and is directed by Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir. It’s written by Fraser Scott, and the cinematography is done by Mycko David. The film is edited by Bella Jones.

Tama Leia - Tombsone Pillow

“I think now filmmaking has an even more important role than ever in the uplifting of our society and that is what Tombstone Pillow is all about.” – Daniel Lir

“There are thousands of families living in cemeteries in Manila, sleeping on tombs, human beings deserve better, and filmmaking is the most powerful voice we know which has allowed us to help create change and awareness to this problem.” – Bayou Bennett

Tombstone Pillow has won 30 awards including Best Inspirational Film, Best Social Message, Best Drama and Best Cinematography.

With the success of the short film in film festivals and Amazon Prime, the Film Makers, Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett, are currently working with Producer Arielle Duave and her production company Arielle Duave Productions in collaboration with their film company, Dream Team Directors on the feature length version of the film.

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