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The Benefits Of Call Routing For Business

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Call routing has become an indispensable tool for companies looking for the best ways to improve customer experience. This tool not only connects customers to competent agents with the skills to render assistance but also ensures they don’t encounter delays in the form of calls being placed on hold.

So, what does call routing offer to businesses other than a valuable means of distributing customer calls to the appropriate agents? Before we dive into its benefits, let’s take a quick look at what call routing is.

What Is Call Routing?

Call routing, also known as Automatic Call Distribution System, is first and foremost, intelligent software that connects a caller to an extension without placing the caller on hold. It is a business communications tool that places the calls of customers in appropriate queues.

This queuing of callers is a process that follows a series of predetermined criteria such as customer behavior, the reason for the call, and the time span between agents’ communication with customers.

Benefits of Call Routing

1. Improved Customer Experience

It’s important to ensure effective call handling if you want to keep your customers satisfied. You see, prompt and effective response to customer calls leads to fewer frustrations on the part of the customers. This response also adds a touch of efficiency to the customer experience.

When you improve the quality of customer experience, your customers are free of reasons to complain further and this, in turn, leads to a successful business venture.

2. Reduced Costs

Customers spend less than normal when intelligent call routing is introduced. As their calls are immediately forwarded to an agent ready to assist, the need to call back is significantly reduced. This means the customers spend less on calls.

And with the agent gaining access to the information needed to tend to the problems of the customers, the customers are guaranteed a quick response time leading to reduced cost per interaction.

3. Improved Communication

Customers love it when they’re quickly attended to, and their problems are immediately resolved. With the use of call routing, brands can communicate better with their customers, and customers can feel at ease.

This will only strengthen the bond between brands and clients as well as improve the brand’s name through positive reviews and word-of-mouth advertising.

Other benefits of call routing include:

  • A busy agent doesn’t spell a delayed call as calls can be transferred and distributed among numerous other agents.
  • Through this effective distribution, employees can balance their work hours, leading to better workflow and productive output.
  • The rate of abandoned calls is also reduced significantly as calls can be placed in queues or transferred and forwarded to any available agent
  • It has the potential to boost the revenue of your company
  • Customers have access to better self-service options


At the end of the day, call routing is an integral aspect of a brand’s success dream because it ensures customers are sent to the right attendants. This intelligent routing will save time for both the company and customers, leading to a happy experience for both. The best way is to visit Tychron the leading provider Voice & Messaging tools for businesses.

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