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Crucial Lessons To Be Learned From Navid Mashinchi

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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As Navid Mashinchi will tell you, diversifying your skill set has never been more prevalent in today’s job market. The days of a singular education channel leading to a singular job for 20-25 years has become more of a rarity.

Technological advances in almost every facet of our personal and professional lives move rapidly, and with such unpredictable consequences, only the foolhardy restrain their educational and provisional horizons.

Take Mr. Navid Mashinchi as a prime example of how best to adapt to this ever-changing landscape. A former varsity & professional soccer player who worked his way into the data science industry. Mastering foundational skillsets and branching into the realm of analytics across a wide berth is now the gold standard.

The Qualifiers

Navid Mashinchi has taken the adage of education being worth its weight in gold to heart. Effectively diversifying his skillset so eclectically that he has worth in almost any industry. Beginning with a bachelor’s in commerce majoring in accounting from the University of British Columbia, developing a knack for numbers and monetary patterns.

As time marched on, bringing with it a slew of technological advances, Navid Mashinchi felt the winds blowing, and instead of wallowing at the changing landscape, he furthered his education. Garnering a master’s in data science from the University of Denver.

The Practicalities

So, why would he pursue so many avenues of education and thought? Simple, foundational skills are immeasurably rare when combined with competence. To succeed and make an impact in a highly competitive world, one has to be a master of many domains, and while that seems daunting, once there’s a rhythm and balance established, it opens more doors than it closes.

In the case of Navid Mashinchi, his various avenues of pursuit have led him to gain understanding and experience in Python, SQL, Data Cleaning, Data Visualization and Machine Learning – all of which are foundational and necessary for a majority of professions in the data industry.

Navid Mashinchi

The Lessons We’ve Learned

So, what lessons can we glean from the case of Navid Mashinchi? Expanding your horizons in the modern digital age has never been easier or more accessible. It doesn’t have to break the bank either with a large number of courses being affordable and relevant, equally impressive in the eyes of employers and future industry leaders.

By gleaming and being a little curious, you too can find yourself in the lucrative position of manifesting a future that has true grit and real weight.

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