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The different forms of online advertising and marketing that can be pursued for your business

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Martin Haglin
Martin Haglin
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In the modern age, online advertising and marketing is everything for a business. Millions of potential consumers access the Internet every single day in search of products and/or services. Modern methods means that you can now access a huge demographic of potential consumers, as well as target them directly with advertising and marketing which will lead to huge returns for your business. Furthermore, you are able to access analytical tools which can help tell you who your demographic is and how you should be catering towards them to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

There are also various different forms of advertising and marketing methods out there that utilize the numerous technologies involved on the Internet. These should be utilized to their fullest potential in order to increase the chances of engaging with consumers, developing conversions and overall increasing sales for your business. Advertising and marketing has evolved past what it used to be, and online advertising and marketing methods are no different.

You have to keep updated on the times in order to utilize the new methods that pop up, or else your business could be left behind.

Here are some of the different online advertising and marketing methods your business can use to gain an advantage.

Up and coming social media platforms for outreach

social media platforms for outreach

Through the use of social media platforms that are becoming increasingly popular, your business will be able to prove that it is in the ‘trend’ which is well received by the public. For example, a business using TikTok ads will be able to improve its outreach as it is targeting a huge demographic of people from all over the world with millions of followers. Due to the user interface of TikTok, your business and its brand will have to be seen by the users and this will again improve your business outreach and brand awareness globally. Furthermore, TikTok is seen as ‘trendy’ due to its younger demographic and recent release to the public. Your business will be seen as ‘in the loop’ and ‘trendy’ as a result, further increasing your reputation.

Social media ads

Social media ads are a very effective form of online advertising. This is because there are millions of users who access social media platforms every single day. With such a wide audience on a few platforms, it makes complete sense to target them there. Furthermore, social media platforms allow you to see different communities of people and those who share interests which are relevant to your business. As a result, you can specifically target these communities and people with online advertising and marketing, making it much more likely to return conversions and sales as a result. For example, if your business is in the fitness industry, you can see those people who have liked or connected to fitness pages and groups, and then target ads to show up on their screens when they log in. This will ensure you are targeting the people who are most likely to be your consumers, and this will result in more business.

Moreover, it is easy to track and measure the analytics on social media platforms. This is because social media platforms track and store a lot of data on their users, and this can be accessed and analysed to alter your campaigns based on this data. This will not only ensure you are targeting your advertising towards those who are your target demographic, but also more smaller details such as when they are logging in and where from. These details can be incorporated into your campaigns and make them even more specific and targeted. This will result in a higher number of consumers and better business for your company. Social media also is a great place to be marketing your business and increasing brand awareness. You have a few platforms in which there are millions of users scrolling through their timelines and newsfeeds. If your business is showing up on your target demographic’s screen, you will become noticed over time and they will remember your business.

Display ads

Display ads

Display ads are considered to be the original and most basic form of online advertising. These look like visual ads that will show up on a webpage (third party websites). Originally, they simply looked like banner ads on these websites, however they have evolved from this visual look into much more nowadays.

Some of these new looks include:

  • Static banners – These look like your basic banner ads that appear next to or around the content on the webpage
  • Floating banners – These are ads that move around the screen or they float above the content on the website
  • Text – These types of ads are targeted ads which display text relevant to the content on the webpage
  • Wallpaper – These types of ads will appear and fill the background or the entirety of the page
  • Popup ads – These types of ads will pop up on the screen in front of the content, usually when the site is visited
  • Flashing ads – These types of ads will ‘flash’ content to the user
  • Video ads – Video ads are ads that come in the form of playable media which will likely automatically play before allowing access to content

Display ads are likely the most affordable type of online advertising and marketing. The rates for these types of ads will vary depending on the site, however contacting the site will be able to give you an idea. You can also use analytical websites and tools such as Google Display Network to tell you who your target demographic should be, then you can target your display ads towards this specific audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important types of online advertising and marketing. Millions of users will access search engines such as Google and Bing in order to look for products and/or services. By having your business show up on the front page of these search engines when something is typed in that is relevant to your business will ensure you have a higher number of people not only noticing your business but also possibly buying from it.

SEO works by optimizing your website in order to fit the search engine algorithm best, so that when certain key words are typed into the search engine, your business will return on the front page of the search results. Many agencies are available which can help to optimize your business for this, however it is possible to do so yourself, although the efficiency and effectiveness with an agency is tenfold in comparison to doing it yourself.

For example, Google will look at the layout of your website to see if it is professional, then the content to see if it is relevant and also professional, then it will look at whether or not other people have mentioned your website as a source, citation or reference, to show credibility for your information on your website. Your website can be optimized for the Google search engine algorithm by making it look professional, posting relevant and good content and being referenced on other sites.

In summary, there are various different online advertising and marketing methods in the modern age. It is essential for a business to not only have an online presence, but to also advertise and market it across the Internet. With the Internet, you have a huge platform with a huge userbase that you can tap into in order to advertise and market your business. The different methods mentioned previously should be used in order to promote your business and target your demographic. By doing this, you are ensuring you have a competitive advantage over any other businesses in the same field as you who are not utilizing these methods. Traditional advertising and marketing methods are not effective in the modern age in comparison to online advertising and marketing.

As such, these methods of online advertising and marketing should be used for your business.

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