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The Modern-Day Detectives Of Fintex Assets Recovery

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George Soto
George Soto
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Nestled in a large-scale building overlooking the East River of Manhattan is a new kind of detective agency known as Fintex Assets Recovery. The company works in the business of recovering stolen funds and assets and returning them to their rightful owners.

Cryptocurrency has amassed a wealth of opportunities for aspiring young entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts of the new age. With this newfound stream of opportunity comes a whole new ballgame when it comes to risk and theft – especially in the digital age.

Modern thieves and tricksters are as sneaky as ever, defrauding rightful owners out of their cryptocurrency assets through scams, outright thievery, or impersonating legitimate institutions. Modern problems require modern solutions which is where Fintex Assets Recovery have made their mark known.

So, what is it they do?

The Brief

Founded on the idea that people should not feel helpless when their assets are exposed or seized by a disreputable party. The notion was to be an antidote to the sea of rising online fraudsters who were beginning to spread like wildfire.

In the wake of the 2014 credit crash in the USA, people were understandably hesitant about putting their faith and assets into traditional banks that were once the secure and reliable method. This is where scam brokers and dodgy players came into the fray – seeing an opportunity to get their hands on hard-earned assets of honest everyday Americans.

Staffed by a team of ex-financial experts who know where fraudsters strike and how to ascertain the persons responsible, as well as ensuring the safe return of stolen funds. The team at Fintex Assets Recovery are qualified, experienced, and know precisely where to look.

The Process

The process is rooted in research and assurances when it comes to Fintex Assets Recovery. The initial steps being soaked in researching a claim being made. If there is credence for further steps then they will be planned accordingly. From there the team will go through the entire trading history of the victim, building a stronger and stronger case to present to the relevant authorities if need be.

Finally comes the execution, once all the pieces are lined up against these defrauding companies, then a shot can be taken. These companies may make it seem like there is no hope, but we assure you, that is not the case.

The Results

In the 7 years that Fintex Assets Recovery have been in business, they’ve had the Midas touch for over 636 clients and 670 closed cases – which is impressive all unto itself. The fact they’ve kept their attitude and focus on the bottom line and on outsmarting the common criminals that plague us and our loved ones is an impressive one to say the least.

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