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The perfect gift for any occasion – My Art Book by Olga De Biasi Iaschelcic

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Esperanza Squire
Esperanza Squire
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When it comes to art and decorations, every person has a different perception of it. Some see art through fashion, some through the digital world, and some through different art pieces. On the question of what is art, there is no right or wrong answer. Art is personal to everyone. It is a form of expression that can vary from individual to individual.

For those who love art, in any of its forms, there is a special challenge when it comes to picking a gift that will leave a remarkable impression. But, if it is something in the area of their expertise and preference, then, the gift will have an even bigger meaning. As the gifting season is closely approaching, finding the perfect gift can be a hard thing. So if you want to gift something art-inspired, original, new, and unique, then, look no further than My Art Book.

My art book by Olga De Biasi Iaschelcic
My art book – by Olga De Biasi Iaschelcic

Created by the author Olga De Biasi Iaschelcic, My Art Book is exactly about that. It is a personal vision of the author’s take on the art. This art book is a masterpiece that even those who are not quite familiar with this area will be inspired to take a look at and dive deep into the limitless world of art. It is a piece that will make every home library richer, and every coffee table better looking, and everyone would love to reach out and go through the pages.

Her love for art showed at an early age. Deciding to follow her love, she trained in classical art in Italy. The basics, the knowledge, the imagination, and the creativity she has gained through different experiences during her art education were more than enough inspirations for her to create something hers. My Art Book is the truest representation that art can be a very inspiring, very unique, and one-of-a-kind form of expression for anyone willing to give it a chance. Now working in the fashion business, the art knowledge has allowed De Biasi Iaschelcic to truly appreciate and further explore all its branches and areas.

My Art Book is truly an art book. It consists of 50 different sections. Each section speaks a different story. It has its own name. Behind the name and the topic of each section, comes a detailed explanation of what inspired and motivated the author to look at that particular side of art and transfer her vision as a painting. It is interesting to explore each section, read about the vision, and explore in your own way whether the author’s stances are the same, similar, or different from yours.

With special attention to delivering as pure art as possible, My Art Book is an expression of the genuine creative skills and imagination of the author. The lovers of art will immediately notice how stepping out of their comfort zone and entering the world of imagination opens an unlimited sea of possibilities. Each painting in this book is a genuine display of how the emotions and the passions of regular and daily life can affect the mind and support creativity, which here results in a set of masterpieces, very dear to the author herself.

Without revealing too much, and still leaving something that will intrigue the curiosity of art lovers, My Art Book is a wonderful read for all those who are looking for a way to boost their creativity and imagination. Having an open mind, trusting your skills as well as giving opportunities, and willingness to try something new are just some of the things that characterize this art book. Whether you get it for yourself or want to gift it, this is a gift that will most definitely be a worthy and inspiring thing for the recipient. And for art lovers, this is an opportunity to see a new take on art.

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