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Top Luxury Real Estate Agent for Athletes and Entertainers – Justen Alias

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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Luxury real estate agent and primarily based in Miami, Los Angeles, and Detroit, Justen Alias has built a name for himself as being a top luxury real estate agent for athletes and entertainers. He has even started a relocation network to assist high net worth individuals all over the United States.

If you are an athlete or entertainer and are in need of a real estate agent, then Justen has you covered. Justen got into the real estate game in his early twenties and knew that he needed a way to differentiate himself from other realtors.

So, he decided to focus on the luxury real estate niche for athletes and entertainers. He quickly grew to understand the busy lifestyle of athletes and entertainers and worked to accommodate it.

By implementing unique marketing strategies such as developing websites, using social media, and other technologies, he was able to build a top-tier client list.

He commonly finds himself working with sports agents, managers, athletes, YouTubers, actors, and musicians.

Some of his biggest career highlights have been working with NBA players as well as selling homes to famous YouTubers such as Caylus Cunningham.

Justen comments on this saying: “Helping Caylus was a great accomplishment as he was a first-time home buyer and I assisted with him finding his dream home.”

He went on to start a sports and entertainment relocation network called, “Nexus.” Nexus is a nationwide network of realtors, current and retired athletes, insurance advisors, and moving and concierge companies that all work together to ensure that high net worth individuals will get their dream home and have a seamless relocation experience.

On starting and leading Nexus, Justen comments: “Heading and Leading a Nationwide Sports/Entertainment network also has been a big accomplishment. My business has been featured in Real Trends publications and I have won multiple awards at my company for being one of the top sales agents.”

For his accomplishments, Justen has been featured in Ocean Drive Magazine and Yahoo Sports. He has also recently joined a very exclusive and premier luxury broker in Miami—Compass.

On an average day, Justen usually finds himself looking for new business which means developing relationships with sports agents and business managers to see if their client needs any relocation assistance.

Then, he may find himself showing properties or previewing properties for his clients as well as negotiating contracts. After work, he enjoys going to work out at the gym or playing tennis.

To those who want to get into the luxury real estate industry, Justen explains that “creating relationships and providing value are the two important keys to attracting your dream clients.”

In the future, he hopes to be seen as the premier luxury realtor in Miami and the main realtor for professional athletes. He would also like to see his relocation network, Nexus, to be the premier relocation service for professional athletes and celebrities.

From a young real estate agent with no connections to now being a top luxury realtor for high-net-worth individuals such as NBA stars, actors, YouTubers, and more, Justen Alias has made a name for himself.

Not only that, but his relocation network has streamlined the relocation process and provides individuals with everything they need from luxury real estate agents to moving services.

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