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Want to improve your Spotify game? Here’s how 247 Management can help

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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Spotify plays a critical role in the success and fame of modern musicians and artists. Using Spotify and social media channels like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, 247 Management a specialist promotions firm that help artists enhance their streaming visibility. They provide a range of services to help young artists improve their streaming figures and get their singles attached to well-known, popular playlists. Social media marketing is essential to the future success of any business, especially for musicians looking to improve their social media presence.

247 Management recently expanded their services to cater towards less established artists, many of whom lack the necessary finance to invest in streaming services. 247 Management have been able to utilise their social media presence and leverage their network to reach millions of people for their clients. While maintaining high streaming levels at affordable rates, 247 Management is revolutionising the ways in which artists reap success in the music industry.

One of the big things that 247 Management can assist artists with is the creation of “pre-saves”. For those not familiar with a lot of the Spotify jargon, “pre-saves” are a great way for artists to generate hype and excitement for their releases (singles, extended plays and albums). A “pre-save” is where an artist can give their fans a window of time in which they can save the song, EP or album to the queue so they can listen to the track once it becomes available on Spotify. In other words, 247 Management can help facilitate this campaign for you (the artists), thereby incentivising your audience to engage during the promotional period.

247 Management can ensure that your songs make a big splash when they finally arrive. They’ll utilise their network of social media influencers to maximise traction in the community, get the word out there and ensure that people get excited about your music. Whether you coordinate a series of press releases via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, the whole point is you want to give people notice and time about the upcoming music release.

This also means you can give people the time to get on Spotify (if they aren’t already) and even spread the word.

Working with 247 Management will guarantee that your Spotify marketing plan is well-refined, detailed and tailored to your target market of listeners. By leveraging their social media connection, 247 Management has been able to convert millions of TikTok views into Spotify streams and sales for clients. Because they work directly with playlist curators, artists can easily get their singles placed on different playlists. Depending on the music they produce, this gives the artist an added avenue to enter their specific genre and work with an audience genuinely interested in their tunes.

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