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What are the best wholesale carrier oils? Uses, benefits and more

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Ian Feldman
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If you are familiar with the world of aromatherapy, then you have probably seen the phrase “carrier oil” used a fair few times. If you are new and you have no idea what it refers to, however, do not be alarmed because this article will run through all the finer points of aromatherapy, essential fragrances and much more. Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years and was practised by ancient societies in Egypt, Greece and China. The Persians refined the art during the 10th century, blending fragrances with a carrier oil to extend its useability life, while also maintaining its potency.

What is a carrier oil?

Before we begin, it’s important to know what exactly a carrier oil is. Natural extracts and essential oils require what is known as a “carrier oil”, which is essentially the solution that dilutes the organic fragrance and makes it so that it can be safely used on your skin. Many essential extracts require this as they are very potent and are too harsh on skin in their natural form. As the name suggests, carrier oils are made from specific plants that can carry your products safely into your skin. They are usually unscented or only lightly scented (typically sweet and nutty) and won’t interfere with the therapeutic properties of the other product that you are using in the mixture. They also do not evaporate as other products do! While they can be used alone for their nourishing qualities, they are usually used in combination with another product. There are plenty of businesses to be found that specialise in wholesale carrier oils to complement your collection of natural ingredients.

What are the benefits?

As previously mentioned, wholesale carrier oils can be extremely beneficial whether used alone or to dilute another product. They are extremely moisturising and beneficial to your skin, particularly if it is dry or sensitive. In their pure form, they are able to be used on sensitive areas such as around your lips and eyes (with caution of course). Other products are usually not safe to use in these areas so they are a good alternative for this. The main benefit is the aid that carrier oils provide in allowing other more potent ingredients to be safely applied to the skin. Many natural products can cause irritation such as redness or burning or an allergic reaction if not applied correctly and in a diluted form. Due to this, many people may be put off using beneficial products because they are afraid of having a nasty reaction. Carrier oils ensure that this does not occur and allow people with more sensitive skin to reap the benefits that natural extracts can have on both your physical and mental health.

How do you select the best type?

How do you select the best type

It is important to know that not all wholesale carrier oils are ideal for use. Products such as butter, petroleum jelly and mineral oil are not appropriate as they do not provide the same properties and benefits. For the most effective mixture, it is recommended that the carrier oil is obtained through cold pressing, particularly for use in aromatherapy. Experts believe that the beneficial nutrients to be gained can be damaged if heat is involved in the extraction process. Cold pressing involves crushing the plant of choice to extract the nutrients and create the mixture. There are a few things that you can consider when selecting the best choice of mixture for you.


If odour is something you are conscious of, selecting a wholesale carrier oil with a scent that you enjoy or that complements your other products is essential. While most do not have a very notable scent, and those that do are generally pleasant, for aromatherapy purposes, it is important to choose an aroma that you are happy with and that benefits you. This is the first thing to consider.


The next thing to consider is the level of absorption that your extract of choice provides. Every skin type is different and your skin’s ability to absorb a certain extract may differ from someone else’s skin. Be aware of this when selecting your chosen wholesale carrier oil.

Shelf life

If you are someone who stores your products for an extended period of time, it is important to select a product that will last. Some have longer shelf lives than others and this is something that you should familiarise yourself with.

Skin type

With any beauty products, certain ingredients may irritate your skin. Test everything on a small area of your arm first before applying a product generously to your body. After waiting for a day or two, you will be able to see if the ingredients that you have chosen are going to irritate your skin or worsen any pre-existing conditions.

What are the best types?

The most popular types of wholesale carrier oils are listed below along with some of the benefits that they can provide your mixture. Aloe Vera gels or unscented body lotions can also be effective if you are looking for a quick and easy option.


This is a popular choice to use in a mixture. This product is actually edible (in its pure form) as it is made from the meat of coconuts. It is not processed with chemicals and is safe to use on skin. It also maintains a pleasant coconut aroma. The extract contains properties such as fatty acids and polyphenols. These properties make the product ideal for skincare or massages as they are highly moisturising and beneficial to almost all skin types.


This product is also edible as, much like the previous, it is extracted from a fruit, avocado. The extract is thick and has little aroma if anything a slightly nutty one. This extract contains oleic acid, a product that is particularly beneficial for dry or damaged skin. This product is popular for use in dry skin mixtures and remedies or in moisturising body creams. If you are prone to acne, however, this product may not be the one for you as it can increase sebum production.


Our final recommendation is extract from the seeds of the jojoba plant. Technically, this produces wax and it contains a pleasant and slightly nutty scent. Much like the other extracts, this wax is great for providing relief for dry skin and promoting moisture. Experts believe that it is similar to the skin’s natural oil, sebum, and therefore a great natural option for healing. This product may also help with acne as it makes the skin believe that it has produced enough oil already. The skin absorbs this product easily and it does not clog pores, making it a top contender for most popular wholesale carrier oils.


Wholesale carrier oils come in many different forms and with many different benefits. When mixed with your essential extracts and fragrances, they make excellent skincare products that are both safe to use and soothing to the mind and body. Although your selection should be carefully considered in terms of the plant used, the properties it can provide and the effects it will have on your skin, carrier oils are well worth the time and effort.


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