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What Can We Do About Climate Change? YouTube Star Barvina Raises Her Voice

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Kieran Mcleod
Kieran Mcleod
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Barvina is a YouTube superstar who has an impressive platform across several social media channels. She is using this platform for good and raising awareness about climate change and the disastrous impacts that it is having on our planet. She speaks about why this is an important issue for her.

Welcome Barvina, can you introduce yourself?

Hi my name is Margaryta Voytenkova, also known as Barvina. I enjoy making fun videos for my multiple YouTube channels and have gained a large audience because of my content. My Instagram and social media channels have become extremely popular and I am very lucky to have a platform doing what I love. My skits, vlogs and more have gained me over 10 million followers.

Why has climate change become an important issue to you?

I believe that climate change should be an important issue for everyone. We all live on this planet and it is something that impacts every single one of us. We have become incredibly greedy and inconsiderate of our planet’s resources and this has led to overconsumption and unsustainable habits. The more we maintain these habits, the more the earth and all of its flora and fauna suffer. This is devastating and we must do more to stop this.

How do you raise awareness about climate change?

Thanks to my platform, I have many people interested in what I post. I aim to encourage discussions about what we can do to combat climate change and raise awareness about how detrimental this issue can be.

Barvina Margaryta Voytenkova

I recently did an editorial where I did the art as fauna being affected by the excess amounts of waste that we humans produce. I posted the photos on my social media platforms and my followers were able to see exactly what unethical consumption does to the environment.

What can people do to reduce their impact on the planet?

Being aware of the impact that your consumption habits have is the first step to making a difference. We all need to commit to having conversations about climate change and understanding what we can do as individuals to minimise the harmful waste that we produce.

Barvina Margaryta Voytenkova

To find out more about Barvina and her mission, you can follow her on IG @barvinam and YouTube @BarvinaShow or get in touch at

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