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What Factors Affect Cost Of Living?

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Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox graduated from Columbia University in 2005. Rachel grew up in Canada but moved to the US after completing her school. Rachel has written for several major publications including Buzz Feed and the Huffington Post. Rachel is a community reporter, she also covers economy, business and entrepreneurial news and issues.

Cost of living affects us all, and determines the cost of fuel, rent, food and other living expenses such as electricity and gas. Each of these add up to regular expenses which we all need to survive. Of course, when these aspects are affected, they can have a significant impact on the way we live. There are many different factors which can impact the cost of living, and these can come from any number of sources.

How COVID Affected Cost of Living

The COVID pandemic affected cost of living significantly. It affected supply chains, with the ability to import and export goods being made more difficult. This in turn affected supermarkets and other produce, which made things more expensive as a result.

How Conflict Affects the Cost of Living

Cost of living

Other factors such as conflict can affect the amount we pay. If a country that typically supplies a certain produce is involved in conflict or is sanctioned, this can cause prices to raise, as it is more difficult to obtain the product. If a product is overproduced, this can lower the price.

How Can We Prepare?

As such, there are many different ways that cost of living can be affected. With this said, how can we prepare for these types of issues? Well, the most important thing to do is to stay on top of current events. Unfolding events can have obvious impacts of the cost of living, and by staying on top of the news, you will be able to prepare for any changes. Having money saved is a good way to have a buffer in the case that things become too expensive. Further, being able to sacrifice certain goods if they become too expensive is a good virtue to have. It means you will be able to save money in uncertain times. Considering these factors can help you to be prepared when the cost of living is adversely affected.

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