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“Why I’m not afraid of AI” On The Future Of Copywriting Shared by Georgia Emily Austin

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Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox graduated from Columbia University in 2005. Rachel grew up in Canada but moved to the US after completing her school. Rachel has written for several major publications including Buzz Feed and the Huffington Post. Rachel is a community reporter, she also covers economy, business and entrepreneurial news and issues.

Computer-generated content is booming. Artificial intelligence (AI) programs boast native language processing abilities, ‘read’ relevant background information like a human, and use their ‘knowledge’ to draw together phrases in a structured, natural way. Machine-created pages of grammatically perfect, keyword-optimized content are available to marketers and brand managers at the click of a button. The future of copywriting feels ominously automated. But does this mean the days of human writers are numbered? No, says content agency CEO Georgia Austin. For her, humans will never be written out of copywriting.

Georgia is the founder of Wizard of Content, a copywriting agency currently growing exponentially. Founded in lockdown by Georgia from her laptop at home in Rio de Janeiro, the company now employs over 50 freelance writers worldwide. The secret to its success? According to Georgia, a non-corporate, unorthodox approach to business driving quality, creative, high performing copy with fast turnarounds.

She says, “We really strive to take the non-traditional route in business. I love that my writers are digital nomads and live in all corners of the world – after all, your creativity flourishes when you are in new settings, places that you love, and that energize you. It shines through in our work.”

It is the inherently human, creative touch that Georgia Austin believes AI machines can never replace. She says, “Without a doubt, great content marketing is when you read words and feel something – you understand the brand, and you can describe its character almost like it’s a friend.” Yes, copy needs to be factually and grammatically accurate – and perform well in Google search – but ultimately, human emotion compels a customer to purchase a product or commit to a brand.

There is also tremendous value in cultivating close client relationships, says Georgia Austin. The one-click, type-in-a-topic approach of AI content programs may result in instantaneous text – saving time and money in the short term – but brands cannot share their unique story or mission. It misses the opportunity to create a verbal identity that addresses genuine customer needs – a way to emotionally engage prospective customers.

The art of writing has fascinated Georgia Austin since her childhood. After studying a short course at Brasenose College, Oxford, then continuing her studies at the University of Sussex, Georgia honed her copywriting and agency skills with leading brands, Sweaty Betty, Nike, Under Armour, and Klook. She understands that creative, SEO-performing copy is the reason brands come back to human copywriters time and time again. She says, “I started as a solo freelance marketplace, with repeat clients staying loyal due to the outstanding quality of work. However, I noticed so many clients needed my help. I couldn’t fulfill that demand on my own, so, Wizard of Content was born.”

Ultimately, as Georgia says, “There’s a lot of discussion going on about content writing vs. artificial intelligence – but, honestly, I don’t think it’s a threat.” She adds, “The right words help brands to communicate to the hearts of their customers.” And this is the heart of the matter. The power in words comes from the emotions they convey, emotions that AI can never replicate. Georgia ends by saying, “AI and intelligence tools may be getting smarter every day, but nothing will ever replace the human touch, native twang, and puns in our copy.”

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