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WSJ Best Sellers Imran Tariq & Aimee Tariq Takes Businesses’ Online Presence To The Next Level

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Driving higher profits in the digital world can be challenging for most business owners. In this new landscape, it’s important to drive people to a business website and remain relevant online. However, many don’t have the resources or the time to market themselves in this way. One expert is making things easier and doing the heavy lifting for business owners through his successful marketing services.

Helping business owners navigate the digital world

Directors and Co-Founders of WebMetrix Group Imran Tariq & Aimee Tariq have made it their mission to alleviate the stress of digital marketing on businesses. The digital landscape has become a very competitive arena over the past several years, and business owners would have to spend a lot of time and resources trying to learn everything on their own. Not to mention, the task of keeping up with everchanging online trends can turn into a complicated and stressful task in itself. The goal of their digital marketing and reputation management company is to create a better online presence for other businesses, without the hassle.

Tariq’s approach is intended to attract more customers and generate higher profits in the most efficient way possible. WebMetrix Group aims to help businesses increase their revenue by millions of dollars a year as well as build the authority and lead brands and public figures to be trusted by everyone. The digital marketing agency side offers Multi-lingual SEO services, GMB Optimization as well as local video ads, Google PPC with clickfraud and multilingual strategy, and ADA compliant web design services. Over the course of several years working with major brands, Imran Tariq & Aimee Tariq has created the best techniques to take businesses to the next level online. Allowing them and their team to do what they do best takes a lot of weight off of business leaders’ shoulders. Their expertise has propelled WebMetrix Group to becoming one of the best digital marketing & online reputation management and public relation agencies in the world.

Connecting with people online

Part of creating a trustworthy online presence is connecting with an audience through digital platforms, like social media sites. Imran & Aimee both have become experts in their field, and been verified on social media accounts with less than 1,000 followers like IG & Tiktok when they were first verified, with Imran still being at 48 followers on Tiktok. With verified accounts, new followers will see him as a reliable source of information, regardless of how many people are following his account.

Tariq uses their social media accounts to share publications they are featured in, which in turn increases their credibility. Using their platforms as sources of mentorship, sharing advice and encouraging messages to their followers regularly. But most importantly, new audience members will find their profile and be able to learn more about their expertise and the services they offers. The end goal is always to lead other people and help them create a similarly successful online presence for themselves.

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