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YouTuber Low Tier God Continues to Prove His Many Talents with Clothing Brand ‘The Covenant’

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Many may know Low Tier God for his highly popular YouTube gaming content. He continues to demonstrate his variety of interests and passions, however, with the launch of his clothing brand ‘The Covenant’. This brand has become highly popular within his community of fans and beyond thanks to the fashionable designs. This is just one of the many endeavors that Low Tier God, otherwise known as Dalauan Sparrow, has pursued in his career. He continues to create a variety of innovative ways to engage an audience and show off his unique personality as an entertainer.

For Dalauan Sparrow, YouTube came into his life in a major way in 2011. At this point, he knew that he had a passion for entertainment, but was a relatively shy person when it came to social situations. In the comfort of his home, however, he loved just being himself and discovering his preferred forms of self-expression. He became very drawn to the YouTube community, watching many videos surrounding his interests. Eventually he began to take his love of Street Fighter and other fighting games to the internet, starting his own gaming channel Low Tier God. What initially started as a gaming channel has since blossomed into a diverse place for Sparrow to let his true personality shine.

After producing predominantly fighting game content, Sparrow decided to branch out into other gaming genres. To his delight, this only encouraged a larger demographic of viewers to subscribe to his channel. He again expanded his channel into a reaction channel, where he reacts and shares his thoughts on any topic or trend. This variety of content has earned him over 100,000 loyal subscribers, a number which continues to grow each day.

Beyond his YouTube content, Dalauan Sparrow has also launched his very own clothing brand ‘The Covenant’. Originally, the brand started as a way to promote his gaming content, but has since expanded into a highly fashionable store. On top of a passion for entertainment, Sparrow has also always had a passion for fashion. He hopes that people can find a sense of community through his clothing and that it gives them the confidence to follow their passions and discover their purpose as he did.

Dalauan Sparrow’s story is a truly inspiring one that continues to encourage other young people to follow their dreams. With plenty more on the horizon for this rising star, his channel is a highly entertaining one to subscribe to. Constantly expanding and exploring new elements of himself, his dedication to creating a fun and supportive community is what has made him one of the most popular channels on YouTube.

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