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4 things you didn’t know about the Ahmed Bedair-owned company, Cloud Converters

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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Since 2017, Cloud Converters has been servicing clients throughout Michigan and other parts of the United States with the implementation of cloud-based technologies. In a short time frame, Cloud Converters has quickly emerged as one of the leading consulting firms in the region, mainly off the back of their commitment to their clients, their robust business model and capable leadership team. If your business model needs to be reinvigorated or transformed for a post-COVID economy, here are several things you probably didn’t know about Cloud Converters.

Founded by Ahmed Bedair

As outlined earlier, the business was established in 2017. Their founder, Ahmed Bedair, has a lot of experience in information technologies, cloud-based technology implementation and a range of other imperative services offered by Cloud Converters. He has worked across several positions in consulting, networking building and the instigation of IT frameworks.

They are IT experts (but not in traditional IT)

While they are considered “IT experts”, Ahmed’s team at Cloud Converters can offer a whole lot more than conventional IT support. Ahmed is a passionate SME (subject matter expert), driven to provide the leaders of both small and medium-sized enterprises with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve their businesses.

Innovation is the way forward

Innovating your services is a vital precursor to business success. The team at Cloud Converters, under Ahmed’s leadership, are driven by the success of their clients and their own internal success. To be able to provide the best services in the industry, innovation is a must. This is because change can be a crucial point of differentiation in any business. Most businesses recognise the importance of embracing innovation; however, most companies lack the skill or the acuity to integrate new tech into their services properly. Fortunately, Ahmed’s team can build these technologies into your business model, ensuring that your business has the best chance of success.

Customer satisfaction is essential

Everyone has heard the adage “the customer is always right”. This is a philosophy that is deeply engrained in the conduct and ethics employed by all personnel with Cloud Converters, particularly Ahmed. All clients, regardless of their business type, size or function, receive a personalised approach from Cloud Converters, which Ahmed oversees. All prospective clients receive a 15-minute initial consultation (completely free), in tandem with a brief survey to pinpoint critical points of concern and desirables. The purpose of this is to identify what needs to be changed and improved.


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