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Entrepreneur Anthony Zingarelli Provides 5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Business Relationships

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Travon Marner
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Relationships are one of the biggest keys to success in business. As entrepreneur Anthony Zingarelli of United LLC explains, maintaining healthy business relationships starts in the home and translates into your business.

Having a solid network of clients, buyers, suppliers, service providers, and colleagues will help you build a successful and lasting business.

Here are five tips for maintaining these healthy business relationships.

  1. Always Be Transparent

Trust is the foundation of every relationship, whether personal or business. There are many ways to build trust, including delivering on your promises, being reliable, and being open and honest.

One of the essential factors in trust is transparency. Honesty builds respect, which builds trust. This is something that happens over time, and not all at once. When you are constantly sharing information and not shielding people from pertinent facts, you’ll be building trust in the relationship through transparency.

  1. Actively Listen

There’s a big difference between hearing what someone says and actively listening. When you actively listen, you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and sympathize and empathize with what they’re saying. Active listening includes a more profound sense of understanding beyond merely hearing words. When you understand where the other party is coming from, you’ll be able to help them better.

  1. Connect on Values

At the core of solid relationships is a shared set of values. When you’re able to get on a more personal level with people in business, you’re more likely to develop a connection based on any shared values. This isn’t to say that you may have some values different from those you do business with. At the same time, healthy, long-lasting business relationships start and end with both parties coming to a common ground on the most important values. It would be best if you never sacrifice your values for others. This only sets the relationship up for failure. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and values. Others will respect you for it.

  1. Communicate Constantly

It’s challenging to have a meaningful relationship if you don’t communicate with each other. In business relationships, it’s vital to share constantly, openly, and honestly. You should communicate with those you do business with every step along the way. This includes providing updates on progress for projects, whether the news you have to provide is good, bad, or indifferent.

  1. Care About Others

Business relationships can feel very transactional at times. After all, the whole point of doing business is to conduct advantageous transactions. But, as Anthony Zingarelli of United LLC explains, you can build healthy business relationships by caring about the other people you do business with. To do this, you should reach out from time to time to say hello. Check-in on all your clients, partners, and prospects to see how they’re doing. Not every one of your interactions has to be business-related. Getting to know people on a human level and showing them you care helps build a healthy relationship that will last.

About Anthony Zingarelli

An out-of-the-box thinker with unique ideas and tremendous resources, Anthony Zingarelli is the founder of United LLC — an operations management solutions firm based in Dallas, Texas. An expert in operations management, Zingarelli helps companies and startups realize their dreams and experience explosive growth by obtaining financing, building business plans (including exit strategies), and locating key personnel and resources. He has an extensive track record of providing innovative, value-driven services and executing complex deals.

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