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Best Jobs for Disabled Individuals

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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There are plenty of satisfying careers and jobs for disabled individuals that many different people in the world have found. Job-searching is a process that requires dedication and patience at the best of times.

More and more organisations are actively creating jobs that are tailored towards those with a disability. There are opportunities in a lot of different industries that now aim to cater for all.

Here’s a list of the best jobs for those who have a disability and the relevant field that they belong to.

Physical disabilities

Millions of adults in the world live with mobility problems or other limitations on their physical body. Regardless of the origin of the disability these career industries are suitable for individuals who are in a wheel chair.


Medical Admin

To work in a hospital department or medical office doesn’t require you to be very mobile. The employers of these types of industries also appreciate having staff on hand who can actually empathize with others that are going through similar experiences and can aid people to keep their health in order.

Examples would be medical office assistants and medical record and health technicians.



Being in charge of financial matters is a fulfilling career for those who are analytically minded. You don’t have to be mobile and can work from a desk customised to fit you and your work style.

Examples of accounting careers would be bookkeepers and accountants.

Work from home

A job that doesn’t require you to leave your house is just one of the perfect jobs for disabled individuals who face mobility issues. You are in the comfort of your own home where everything is already customised to accommodate for you.

Examples of jobs you can do from home are writers, web developers and graphic designers.


Intellectual Disabilities

There’s quite a large portion of adults who live with an intellectual disability that are still suitable for a job and career path. Everyone’s skills still vary though so this list may not be appropriate for all. It does however offer some suggestions for those who have downs syndrome or are on the autism spectrum.



Kitchens and other culinary jobs are well-suited for those who require routine as well as those who have a lot of creativity to offer.

Examples include restaurant chefs and bakers.


Truck Driving

If truck driving is something that you can learn then this job may be perfect. It offers the freedom of driving as well as being a respected career.

Examples would include delivery services of light vehicles to heavy vehicle and truck drivers.


Computer programming

People who are on the spectrum can really let their strengths shine in a career like computer programming. It utilises their problem solving skills and incredible focus that doesn’t require them to be around too many people.

Examples of jobs in this industry are computer programmers, software developers and engineers.


disabled man sitting in front of a computer


Learning disabilities

This category is the most diverse and is often overlooked due to how large it can be. Commonly known conditions such as dyslexia and ADHD are only some examples as those who suffer with speaking, thinking, writing and reading also fit into this category.

Although these cases have difficulties in some areas they usually excel in other, it’s just about finding the right fit for you.



People with learning disabilities have a heightened ability to recognize different faces from objects also while visualizing how multiple elements can come together. That’s why it’s common to see this type of disability in the film-making industry.

Examples would include film and video editors as well as directors of motion pictures.


Public speaker

While people lack in one area, it could result in them being a very proficient public speaker. For those that love being in front of a crowd or a camera this career is perfect.

Common examples are news anchors or public speakers at conferences.


The most important thing it comes to when looking for jobs for disabled individuals is planning. Having a plan and goal set in place and looking at the ways to achieve it is a good starting point. Sometimes it requires an opinion or guidance from a third party but can provide a lot of benefit for those in these positions.

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