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Clarification of Sir Roger’s Big Bang Theory – Bani Foundation, the Path to Truth

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“About spiritual knowledge, If you cannot take and carry all the water of the river, you should taste it as much as thirst..”

– Molana Jalaledin Rumi

There are many unknowns in this world that many of them cannot be solved by only scientific findings, at least not at this time. However, the spiritual masters have revealed many of secrets of the world that scientist found the evidence later. As mystics say there is another way to find the truth about the creation and that is by delving into the inner worlds and the divine knowledge.

Bani Foundation is a base for those few people who thrive hard to gain the spiritual knowledge and pass it on to those who are eager about it. This world as important as it is for many, is very small comparing what exists, and occasionally, everybody needs to be reminded about it.

The founders of the Bani Foundation aim to guide many who lose their path in search of eternal wisdom; let them know peace is not unattainable; happiness is not unrealistic. People just get lost in their dreams and basic needs, since they find it hard to make ends meet. And with the Bani foundation by their side, they can obtain what they lost in the race of marching forward.

The New Scientific Findings by Nobel laureate Roger Penrose says Big Bang didn’t start our universe, there was another universe before it

“ In a time of destruction, create something.”

–Maxine Hong Kingston

Bani Foundation

Kamal Almasi-Jaf, the Bani Foundation Ki-Onkar Teaching’s founder did some research from 2018 to 2020  for his new book, “The Battle of Gods”. The ways that Bani Masters do the research through Bani Vidya, the Inner science and vibrations of the atoms, are different from scientific methods. This book is written in Persian and the English version will be published this year. This book confirms the new theory of  Sir Roger Penrose’s about the Big Bang and was written before this theory came out.

Kamal Almasi says; According to the Kalpa Cycles, each creation is called Kalpa, each Kalpa is approximately 5 million vibrational years. In every big bang that has happened, the previous world was destroyed, and a new creation started.

Kamal Almasi-Jaf known as Kateb, is the founder of Bani Teachings. Bani Teachings is the continuation of light and sound teaching stream thought by many Soul Ambassadors throughout the history with different names. People call it a mystery or Mysticisms. Bani is the Word or Logos that is famous in ancient history. They all talked about Holy Spirit that is the light and sound of God.

Holy Spirit has found its way in Christianity as well. But this teaching is not a religion, and no one can claim it as their own. Since, the Love of God and IT’s Light and Sound is given to everyone like the sunlight. Only those who know how to connect with it can use this unlimited fountain of spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

After a long wait and endless hustle against all the odds, Kamal’s hard work was paid off when in 2020, the Bani Foundation got registered with the United States of America, Nigeria, and Canada. Slowly, the Bani Foundation is growing and expanding all over the world, in Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa. Since the beginning, the Bani Foundation had to go through a lot of ups and downs, but those who experienced the beauty of living in God and divine knowledge, they made sure to stay determined and focus on their path to God.

Bani Foundation is the institute that helps everyone get connected to the Inner Master and Bani, the Light and Sound of God, to tap into the unlimited wonders of Spiritual knowledge.

Author: Kamal Almasi @ Bani Foundation

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