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Corporate Wellness Takes A Step in The Right Direction

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Maria Hunter
Maria Hunter
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If we’ve learned anything in recent years, it’s that staying healthy should always be a top priority. The problem with health and wellness, however, is that it often requires hard work, dedication, and a lifestyle change. Without the proper motivation, a majority of people who start on a health journey are not going to remain there, instead falling back into their comfortable, unhealthy habits.

Despite there being a plethora of fitness apps readily available, there aren’t many that offer legitimate motivation or incentive to complete goals. Apps that merely offer exercise plans and calorie counting are no longer working for the vast majority of individuals looking to lose weight and get healthy. Fortunately, there is something more exciting now being offered, an app called A Step Ahead.

Partnering for Wellness

Mike Tinney, the founder and CEO of FIX Health, a career game designer with a passion for health, has developed and launched A Step Ahead, a cutting-edge wellness platform that combines the latest in health and wellness research with powerful digital game experience that makes prioritizing exercise and healthy activities easier than ever before.

Partnering with employers, A Step Ahead revolutionizes the way individuals approach health and wellness. By combining the latest in scientific research with personalized coaching and digital tools, they are empowering individuals to achieve optimal health and well-being.

With a deep passion for health and wellness, Tinney founded FIX Health to empower individuals to take control of their health. Under his leadership, FIX Health has become a trusted partner for individuals and companies across the country looking to achieve their health goals, with A Step Ahead’s game-based approach to engagement proving highly disruptive in the corporate wellness space.

An Innovative Approach

Organizations are now issuing wellness challenges to their employees, many in the form of walking challenges. A Step Ahead is not only working with these corporations on their step challenges, they are also disrupting how employers and employees partner on health by incorporating game-based challenges.

FIX Health is the first videogame company in the corporate benefits space, and they are successfully redefining the metrics around engagement.

“Walking might be simple, but sticking with an exercise plan isn’t. Our program has a documented 94.4% completion rate and it’s because we brought the videogame playbook into corporate wellness,” they said. “Employee Wellness used to be only affordable by big companies like AT&T and Delta, but with 50% of America’s workforce at companies of 100 employees or less, there’s a lot of reasons smaller organizations should pay more attention to their employee health.”

A Step Ahead provides three different ways employers can engage their employees in a wellness plan—annual game-based wellness, a single game-based challenge, and a concierge level of service for enterprise. Each option offers a straightforward, turnkey approach to health and wellness with challenges that incorporate storylines, and the app has a full catalog of game-based challenges to choose from.

The days of simply following along to a recorded training session, fighting to find the motivation to continue on your health journey and reach your goals are officially coming to an end. With an app like A Step Ahead, people no longer have to dread making time to exercise or stress about making changes to their lifestyle.

About A Step Ahead

A Step Ahead, powered by FIX Health, is a wellness app that leverages technology and the expertise of FIX Health’s team of health professionals to help individuals take control of their health and wellness. The app is designed to enhance employee health and well-being by using the engagement techniques from video games to drive physical activity in employee populations. With its comprehensive features and access to FIX Health’s team of health professionals, A Step Ahead is the perfect tool for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being. For more information please visit

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