Tuesday, May 17, 2022

DaFIN recruits artist Kim Il-dong Now, the real NFT-based marketplace opening is accelerating!

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Digital asset fintech platform DaFIN has recruited media artist Kim Il-dong as an advisor while promoting real NFT-based fintech services.

Currently, DaFIN is planning to open a real NFT marketplace by signing MOUs with Changdeok Collection and Miracle City Gallery. Media artist Kim Il-dong was recruited to operate a platform in a specific direction.

Artist Kim Il-dong has a variety of overseas exhibition experiences, including Bienale de Dakar, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Italy. He is also an artist invited to exhibit at major domestic art galleries such as the Seoul Museum of Art and the Gyeongnam Provincial Museum of Art. He started making works using digital media in 2009. Currently, he is one of the key people who meet agents and experts in the existing art market and NFT art market to listen to and coordinate each other’s positions.

He became a best-selling author with a book that honestly contains his experiences and views on this process. In addition, his works have been shown or are scheduled to be released at most NFT marketplaces in Korea.

Lee Joon-ho, director of DaFIN, said, “We can understand how art artists and works generate and grow in the real market.”

Artist Kim Il-dong said, “In many NFT business markets, DaFIN has a concrete business model of real connection. It is impressive that the NFT project is promoted without harming the scope of the general art market. We are determined to cooperate with DaFIN in this regard.”

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