Monday, August 15, 2022

Educating Yourself Has Become Easier & Cheaper Than Ever

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Esperanza Squire
Esperanza Squire
Esperanza Squire is a Lifestyle journalist with nearly 20 years. While studying journalism at Boston, Esperanza found a passion for finding local stories. As a contributor to Business News Ledger, Esperanza mostly covers human interest pieces.

Who needs that college degree anyway? All that debt and stress and time away from home. It is becoming more and more apparent that the internet is providing a better education than generations of established institutions. It may be scary to think, but it is also rather liberating to consider the possibilities of an online education.

The increased time we spend on the internet is one glorious aspect to this whole revolution, another is the great wake-up call people received during COVID and decided to change up their careers. This led to a slew of new and wonderful online institutions that offer accreditations, educations, and formal qualifications for a number of new and traditional studies.


Cheap education

One of the key takeaways for many people who are considering an online education in lieu of the brick-and-mortar degrees is in the price tag. Inflation of student debt continues to hurt the next generation of Americans which will impede on the potential this country has for innovation and risk-taking. More people will settle for safer jobs to pay off more and more debt.

That is, unless you decide to jump into the logical side of affairs and start thinking with some gas. Online education is more affordable than you think, as competition arises in the field, prices are actually going lower for legitimate and accredited degrees! All that’s missing is the hungover dorm parties – but that’s another story.


We cannot, and will not, overlook the conveniences that arise with getting an online education. The ability to study anywhere and everywhere has a lot of people pricking up their ears. The world has changed, people work more, and have more of a reason to stay home. The internet allows an unparalleled level of access to a range of top online universities from wherever you are – whenever you want it.

Don’t put it off anymore, save money, get some education, and enjoy the wonders of life.

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